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There are sexual needs of men and women on earth. The main reason for women being unhappy in their sex life is lack of adequate sex education. Sex is not the main means of childbirth. It's a pleasure for both women and men. There are many women who are ignorant about this matter today. What to do or how to do will make sexual intercourse more pleasurable. Unaware of this, they remain unhappy and contented. Many women have different fears about sex. Sex education is education for life. Remember that turmoil in your sex life means that your life is unhappy.

The sexual needs of women are different. Men most often prefer sex. But that's not all. There are many women who also love to have sex-based murders. So men should emphasize not just on sex, but on other things. There are many women who go to the bar and cheer on any male sex worker, but do not have sex.

Testosterone hormones cause men to have more sex Women are emotional because their reactions to sex are not always physical But studies have shown that women really want less sex Reviewers have found that women are more interested in sex than it seems

Men should know the mind of women. Otherwise, it is not possible to please women.

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I agree with you...

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Good write up

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Woman really do want more sex but they must have a connection.. the majority

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