My farewell to this platform 🙋‍♂️

5개월 전

I'm here now


Obviously it's time to get out of here. A few months ago, there was some kind of raider takeover or something like that on this platform. One big community was divided into two parts, someone supported one side, someone the other. As a result, the platform was divided into two blockchains, there were two of them.
Most of my followers, and I can even say, all of them , have switched to a new platform created - HIVE. Several of my friends remained on this platform.

I posted my articles with photos and videos here and there. On the hive, I began to receive good rewards, I got new readers, comments, and thanks. And here, on steemit, I didn’t get anything.
On the hive, my post is estimated at about $5💰 to $21💰, and here it is about $0.07👎 It's just a ridiculous amount. Just a waste of time with no payment or response🤦‍♂️

Therefore, in the absence of interest from users, in the absence of payment, I decided to leave this platform🙅‍♂️
This is sad, because I have been on it from the very beginning, since the beginning of June 2016 when it first launched. I have seen and experienced a lot on it💁‍♂️

So if you are reading this, then I am waiting for you on Hive Blog


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