To @adm and @theycallmedan

2개월 전

I do not post anything offensive and do not bother anyone .

Please leave me alone or I will power down and leave Steemit as so many others have done from these " down voting plagues."

As you well know, Steemit is declining in active accounts . As long as this type of down voting continues , Steemit has no chance of ever returning to its former glory .

It is beyond my understanding as to why you both want to destroy Steemit .

Who in their right mind would ever put any money in Steemit when someone like you can come along and destroy their investment ?

I have invested money and time in this and the money was before people could down vote someone and not use some of their own voting power to do the down vote . Just look what has happened to the active accounts since the last hard-fork : I hate to say this , but If Steemit does not fix this soon , this site is doomed.

Remember the Golden Rule : " Do unto others as you would have them do unto you " . Would you really want someone with millions of Steem Power to down vote your posts to oblivion ? I think not .

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