Community engagement in Steem...Some thoughts!

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Hello Wonderful Readers!

Hope you are enjoying your day!!

When I first join on steem; back on November 2018; I thought as this network is decentralized, may be the community is also very decentralized.

Okay! You can argue with me on this. I have to agree that, steem needs lots more engagement among community people, not on discord or telegram or on twitter but on their posts and contents. But one thing is also right, I think, that there is engagement among people. They communicate, appreciate no matter what dapps you are using or what platform.

It's true in some extent that we are here for money. But with out engagement the money does not tastes good, at least for me. I don't get much time for steem, but I love to engage, see other's work and appreciate it that attracts me. May be we all behave in this same way.

SteemFest is gonna held on November. It's still far but steemians are exited. I saw this as a very positive sign. It's because they feel it, they feel the need, the excitement to meet other steemians and exchange their thoughts and feeling. That is what actually needed.

We are from so many parts of the world, we are using so many different dapps; it's hard to catch each other through our posts. Steemians are sending aid for Venezuela. Dtube forum is going to start from today. There are some other steem based project which are directly working to make the world a better place. And those are a great milestone to me.

Steem is still new, there are many more things to evolve, may more improvements, addition needed. But what needed most is Community engagement and involvement. That is what going to emerge. Good sign!


Much Love

Keep Steeming


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These days, I get engage more on discord and on polls.

I got to meet friends who simply make a post and rush to spend their whole time on discord, engaging there. Though I feel I'm slowly adopting this habit, I don't like this fact.

Discord isn't Steem and I should be spending more time here but then there are very few people who value comments on their posts :)

Anyways, nice you wrote this out. Looks more of a #freewrite for me.

Have a nice day,

Yatna nibena!


Yeah it's some random thoughts.
I hate the way Steem communication works! A newbie will never get to fit himself anywhere. People doesn't engage here. And hangout on other places. That's making this community strong but in other way more decentralized.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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Hell, ya. You're welcome though!

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You are absolutely right... We are here for long run and still long way to go..

Wow, this is a fantastic idea. I think we need people who have thoughts like you.


Thanks for your appreciation! 😊

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That is really true, community engagements are very important. Thanks for sharing such inspirational post.

You got it right, we are all very excited with the progress of Steem!