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1️⃣ - More than 61% of marketers are confident in 2 things: SEO improvement and blog with unique content

2️⃣ - About 80,000 searches per second go to the Google search engine

3️⃣- 53% of internet traffic goes through mobile devices📱

4️⃣ - 80% of Internet users use the phone to shop online

5️⃣ - More than half of Internet users do not believe in data confidentiality

6️⃣- 2/3 of the world's population do not read user agreements

7️⃣ - 90% of users will not return to the site if an error occurred during the first visit or order (for example, the product is not added to the cart)

The cooperation between the buyer and the seller often ends at the initial stage. In order to avoid this, you need to bring all business processes to an ideal state⚜️

If you have questions or something is not going according to plan, then you can always contact Req & Doc specialists.

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