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Resteem1 launch a good service for minnows

Here is a brief description.
Resteem1 starts with a up-votes service for minnows it's so easy and effective,
As a lease we will take a little power from @minnowbooster.
Delegations are the new way to rent a lot of STEEM POWER for a limited time. Now this SP can be used to increase posts with much greater value than would otherwise be possible. All of this has been done thanks to the hard work of @minnowbooster and the @buildteam who built the STEM delegation market so that it is possible to connect whales in the community.
Now we can talk about numbers. At the moment, the cheapest price is on the market
1 STEEM per 75 SP for 1 weeks,
4 STEEM per 150 SP for 4 weeks,
which means you have to pay 4 STEEM beforehand and then receive 150 SP for the duration of 28 days.

For simpler calculations, we can say you use their 4 STEEM service and get 150 SP for 28 days. One person may have a maximum of 10 votes at full voting power per day.
At 150 SP a price of $ 0.010 has been won
and these 10 upvotes will be $ 0.100
$ 0.102 actually due to completion).
This means that your maximum potential payout over 28 days is $ 2.856 or 2.800 STEEM.
(This time the price of STEEM is $ 0.877 when writing this post). It's a big loss because you pay
4 STEEM 150 steempower for 28 days
After 28 days of work, you only get 2.8 STEEM.

source of calculator

what's benifits when you get membership with Resteem1

Here is totally different and effective packages for minnows.

Package No 1. (4 STEEM for 28 days)

Package No 2. (2 STEEM for 14 days)

Package No 3. (Buy Up-votes any time.)

Details of our packages.

We are going to starting 2250 steempower lease delegation from @minnowbooster. And day by day we increase the steempower.
2250 steem worth a 0.210

(1) 4 STEEM for 28 days membership.

Daily up-vote (one) on your post with 100% worth 0.210
And free resteeme your post daily.
After 28 days working on your blog
You get almost $ 6.00 steem plus 28 posts resteemed.

(2) 2 STEEM for 14 days membership.

Daily up-votes (one) on your post
with 100% worth 0.210
And free resteeme your post daily.
After 14 days working on your blog
You get almost $ 3.00 steem plus 14 posts resteemed.

(3) Buy Up-votes any time.

If you not agree with membership and wants to get up-votes plus resteemed your posts
It's so simple just go to your wallet and send 0.1 SBD or STEEM with your post link as memo
We up-vote your post and resteemed absolutely free

Thanks for reading

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interesting. how can I join here.....
please check my last post and help me if you can


Read it carefully thanks for comment

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