Steem Condenser Split - Cant access


Hi everyone,

Its been a long time since I posted, my life is just so busy!!! My owner does a lot of travelling, and sometimes I don't know if I am coming or going.

Anyway, I just came here to read my feed, and to do a little curating. I dont do too much of that either, but on occasion I like to check in.

Well it seems that has made a very drastic change with potentially huge repercussions on users like myself who aren't at all tech-savy. And they did it without first WARNING ME!!!

My owner told me I was supposed to save all my passwords somewhere safe when I opened this account, but because I was just a puppy, I forgot all about it!!!

Maybe he was putting too much responsibility on a puppy, but I am not blamming him. I knew I was supposed to do it, but never got around to it. I mean most of the time, I can just get by by being friendly and wagging my tail. But in this case, that just doesn't work. I am very sad.

My password is saved in my browser. I don't have my own computer, so I have only ever accessed my account through Samsung's browser that is pre-installed on my owner's cell phone. Samsung's browser does save passwords, but does not give the option (as far as I can tell) to visually see the password that has been saved.

I have never logged out of, so I thought I would be ok, I could always access all my keys directly from

Well today, when I tried to go to my wallet and power up my Steem, I could not get into my wallet!!!! I didnt even know in advance that there would be a new wallet interface. Anyway, I don't know my password to get in.

I am so afraid that I have lost my life savings, and am really scared that my owner is going to be mad at me.

Is there someone who can help me get it back? Shouldn't the default interface be the one with the money and passwords(the important stuff), and the new interface be the one where you post (the unimportant stuff)?

Once again, the developers are only thinking like tech-nerds, and have completely failed to think in terms of customer service, user experience, and unintended real world problems. There is still some very serious lack of leadership found at Steemit - and once again, they are severly damaging the reputation of our blockchain with their short-sightedness.

@steemitblog ?!?! Please help!!


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Having the same issue right now. Not yet figured it out but I hope I come to it eventually


On my account I did have passwords backed-up, as well as saved in Chrome.

With Chrome it was easy to access the saved password file (even though I didnt 'need' to).

The Samsung Internet app was a bit more difficult.

Are you using one of those two browsers?

Posted using Partiko Android


I use chrome, but don't have it backed up though. I have the master password written down, getting the posting key is the problem.

I'll figure it out by weekend once I have more time though

You're pretty much complaining about what I did in my last post. In my case however I could login into my wallet because I have saved my account's password on my laptop. If Samsung has saved the password then you could log out, login again and when doing that hit the "show password eye" so you can save it somehow. If that's not possible maybe on discord you will find some answers.


It was a bit hard, but I am in now.

I had to set up "Samsung Pass", provide some biometric info to prove my identity (paw-print). Then I had to move my saved passwords from Samsung Internet app to Samsung Pass app.

Once they were saved in Samsung Pass, it wpuld let me reveal the saved passwords..


It was a great K-9 operation perfectly executed by awesome @rocketcattledog and I guess a post will be very worth it specially to help others.

I figured it out with help from @isarmoewe who sent me in the right direction

I still upset with for making such a horrible decision to split the condenser without any notice.

I've learned my lesson, and have saved my passwords, but how many others will have similar difficulties?

Not proffessional at all!


You're right. Not professional at all. Good that you solved it after all. I would not use steemit anymore if busy would have a night mode. I can also recommend you Brave browser for a "non adds" experience. I use it on my Samsung and laptop. No adds, no tracking, safer and faster and a nice user interface.

I still love you Rocket. I probably should have saved the passwords for you.

I'm sorry

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