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We are living in a time where technology runs the planet, and since I have found this platform I have been able to use this technology and advance so much in such a short amount of time.


When I first got to steemit, one of the first thing's I did was read this full tutorial about how steemit works The Missing FAQ written by @thecryptofiend. Reading this tutorial gave me a great understanding of how this platform worked so I knew exactly what I was dealing with even before I made a post. I also joined http://www.steemit.chat and started talking to all the people there who have been a part of this platform. This help ALOT, you can make connections in those chatrooms that you will not be able to on steemit.com.

I always tried to post content that I felt was of a high quality and that gave back to the community. My first few posts had already given me a few hundred dollars in STEEM and STEEM Power. I was off to a good start from the moment I got here. If you are new here, be sure to keep in mind that posting original quality interesting content is what gets noticed here. Talk about your life, things you've gone through, your expertise in a particular field...anything to keep some interest.

I also noticed that a lot of people here were doing contests. You have the MEME Contest, Open Mic, Papa-Peppers RPG contest, and a bunch of others that help attract attention to your blog. So I started the Rap Challenge here and that brought much attention to my blog and it got me meeting the right people.

DPoS Witnessing

I have not only been on steemit generating an income but I have also been on several DPoS blockchains working to become a witness. So far I am active on DECENT, PeerPlays and MUSE (which hasn't launched yet). But this has generated a great passive income for me and has grown my worth exponentially. If you are tech-savvy it is worth it to look into witnessing on these blockchains, it is hard sometimes to get voted in but it is worth it once you do. I've made close to $8000 in less than a month doing this. And I don't like throwing numbers out there, but I feel extremely blessed to have grown that much in less than a month.

You can too!

If you are new to crypto or new to steemit, dont be shy to dive right into this world. It is very fruitful for a lot of people (not just tech savvy). Find your niche and ride with it, and keep working it with a high level of consistency and you will succeed. But you can't quit..you have to keep it up and keep going. As always peace and bliss to you all!



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Week 7


If you enjoy my blog, please vote for me as a witness

Goto the URL below, scroll down and type in my name rondonson and click "Vote"



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Reading this tutorial gave me a great understanding of how this platform worked so I knew exactly what I was dealing with even before I made a post.

You are doing awesome here, I'm going to be riding on your coat tails cause I'm so anti-marketing that I don't do most of the things I know would make my blog explode on here.

I'm really happy to see you doing so well man, I get almost as excited about your big payouts as my own.

I'm new-ish to Steemit. Thanks for the info! I'm following you now.

Right! Steemit is great!
I'm just a mannequin, but I'm trying to do my best here :-)
Big hug!
Steemitri The Mannequin

Thanks for sharing..

I like steemit :)

What is the best up-to-date novice tutorial overall for beginner newbies?


Im not sure, maybe I should create one? hmm..be on the look out in the next couple days.. I got you!


You seem to be a really cool person. I think a revised tutorial would be awesome this platform moves fast and being new like myself its hard to figure out what is still relevant and good info.

Those are some serious gains. Thanks for sharing your experience, it's motivating

that's incredible thanks for sharing your experience !

r you man. Going to check the Decent witness guidelines and such. Thanks for info

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you got my vote :)

Inspiring story @rondonson. I am actually looking into becoming a witness having seen the potential of Steemit. Pretty much rarely use FB anymore and post directly here from my blog. This platform has so much potential. Thank you for the encouragement. Voted for you as a witness and congratulations on the success!

keep going my friend, wish you take what you want

I'll take some of that crypto. Steem me!!!

I think that steemit will be the first social network in the world because it has the potential to be, it is a new concept different in the world in the social networks, it is time to invest a deep money And time
Thank you for this post

much love for insights mon, gotta check out what that "witness" thing is all about ;)

Very nice read. I've been on here a few weeks now, and its very nice to see the level of quality in all fields across the board.