Partiko Tutorial #6 - Extra Partiko Point Benefit | Partiko 额外积分奖励

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Dear Steemians,

It is great for me to see that many of my followers are signing in to use the Partiko app.

This Partiko app has stormed the Steemit community in the last 2 weeks. We are still in our early days, so don't feel too bad if you did not get into the Partiko Delegation Plan Round 1.

I only started using the Partiko app in the past month. It is only in participating in their Discord channel and watching how the @Partiko team starts their Delegation Camapigns in which I participated in the first round that I got to know the @Partiko team better.

Partiko Team Is Trustworthy

From my experience with @Partiko team, I can see that the @Partiko team is truly one of the best team on Steemit and they are trustworthy. They are generous and gracious to all those who partner with them in the Delgation Program.

Partiko Tutorials - For Promotion Purpose

From the comments, I notice that many Steemians are asking questions about the Partiko project. Feel free to ask your questions in the comments below.

The interface of the Partiko app is very simple in design and easy to use. There is no learning curve at all. In the past 2 months that I started using it, the app never crashed or froze. Partiko is entirely users friendly.

The reason why I develop these tutorials in bite-sized form is to promote this app so that new users (Steemit and outside Steemit) can start using this app as they see the great features present in these Partiko tutorials.

If Partiko app is difficult to use, then I would need to do long tutorials accompanied with videos. This is not the case with the Partiko app. It is not complicated at all.

Today's Mini Tutorial: Partiko Point Benefit

As usual, I will give mini tutorials to whet your appetite so that you can consider joining in the Round 2 SP Delegation when it begins.

I can tell you that the 209 Steemians who joined in the Round 1 SP Delegation are experiencing great satisfaction in the reward system.

In yesterday's tutorial, I mentioned the extra 10,000 Partiko Bonus points that I received this week.

Today, I will talk about the Partiko Point Benefits.

As you can see from the chart above, I boxed in the Partiko Point Benefit of how the 5 different Tiers receive the Partiko Point reward accordingly from 10% to 100%.

At the time when I delegated my 1000 SP to Partiko, I had no idea what these benefits meant.

It was entirely out of trust that I delegated the 1K because I wanted to support the project.

Shortly after the 1K delegation, I saw changes taking place on my dashboard that I started figuring out what was happening.

100% extra Partiko Point reward

I delegated 1000 SP, so I can only talk about what takes place in Tier 7.

These Extra Partiko Point rewards have to do with the 4 areas in which Partiko rewards users:

Everyone begins with these points

  1. Checking In - 10 Points
  2. Write a Post - 30 Points
  3. Upvote - 5 Points
  4. Comment - 10 Points

Partiko rewards users in these 4 areas to motivate them to write posts, engage with the community via upvotes and comments using Partiko daily.


After Round 1 SP Delegation, the Point Benefits change on the dashboard:

  • 50 SP receives 10% extra Partiko Points
  • 100 SP receives 15% extra Partiko Points
  • 250 SP receives 40% extra Partiko Points
  • 500 SP receives 70% extra Partiko Points
  • 1000 SP receives 100% extra Partiko Points

Mine is a 100% extra Partiko Points with the 1K SP delegation, so my dashboard changed to this:

I gained 100% extra rewards in using Partiko for these 4 activities:

  1. Checking In - 20 Points
  2. Write a Post - 60 Points
  3. Upvote - 10 Points
  4. Comment - 20 Points

Everything was doubled from what I had before when I began.


@Partiko team is incentivising you with a great reward system.

Have you started using the app yet?

Start today!

Tomorrow, I will give a mini tutorial on how SP Delegators get daily upvotes from Partiko.


Stay tuned,

Partiko Tutorial Series

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6. Partiko Tutorial #6 - Extra Partiko Point Benefit | Partiko 额外积分奖励


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Wao! Really detailed analysis, nice of you.
I will as well like to know more as I love using @partiko and despite haven't delegated to it which am sure I will soon in the future.
Does the partiko point determine the %of upvote you could get from @partiko ?

Note: I click the resteem button for your post

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Hi @profnuhu, thanks for redeeming to promote @Partiko. The Partiko points are all extra benefits you get for delegating. The more you delegate, the more extra Partiko points you get which you can decide later to redeem them to get upvotes for your posts. As for the % upvote you get for your post for delegating, that will be in tomorrow mini tutorial. To answer you briefly, all delegators who was in Round 1 get 3% upvote for their post which comes to .17 STU. The least is getting 1 upvote per week. The maximum is getting 20 upvotes per week. It is all in proportion to how much SP you delegated.

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The analysis really helped I was not aware of how bonus rewards work.

Was able to get in on the 1st round by 100 SP

Thanks for the detailed explanation !!


Thank you templo

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Be sure to leave at least 50SP undelegated on your account.

Thanks for analysis.

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