New promotion service available - 30-01-2020

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New promotion service is available on dragonblades account.


Delegating SP will automatically registers you and create a config file.
removing delegation will unregisters you.

Config File

On registration the following config file will be created:

usernameyour_usernameyour steem username
collectedAmount0total pending payment (in STEEM)
paymentThreshold0.5 STEEM0.5 STEEM <= paymentThreshold <= 100STEEM
onThresholdPaymentfalseauto-payment every time collectedAmount>=paymentThreshold

the reason behind paymentThreshold is to not upload unnecessary data every 2.5h ( like payments to a lot users with a transfer of 0.002 STEEM ). This will make blockchain healthier.

Eligible Posts

All post are eligible for promotion that are less than 3.5 days old.


Send minimum 0.1 STEEM and include URL in memo for an upvote.
if there are more than one transfer you will get a vote that is equal to (your_transfer/total_transfers)
Invalid URLs will be refunded.
Minimum value will be dynamically updated based on SP delegation.
This way delegators will earn more as current Steem Power goes up.


90% of all eligible upvote transfers made by users will be shared among delegators based on their SP delegation.
10% will be used to maintenance and future upgrades / functionalities.

SP Delegation

Minimum 100SP delegation is required to be a registered member and benefit from this service.
Delegating more Steem Power will increase your percentage amount of each eligible upvote transfer.
Minimum deleagtion is subject to change in future to follow the grow of steem community.
100SP, 250SP, 500SP, 1,000SP, 5,000SP, Custom Amount
Make sure you have at least 15 SP left on your account.


Below you will find all available commands

Command Namesyntaxdescription
!requestpayment!requestpayment()Withdraw all collected amount (collectedAmount >= 0.5 STEEM).
!requestpayment(selectedAmount)Withdraw selectedAmount STEEM (0.5 STEEM <= selectedAmount <= collectedAmount
!setpaymentthreshold!setpaymentthreshold(selectedAmount)Set minimum threshold for payment (threshold >=0.5 STEEM).
!setinstantpayment!setinstantpayment(true/false)Enable/Disable instant payment.
!setinstantpayment(true/false,selectedAmount)Enable/Disable instant payment and set new threshold (threshold >=0.5 STEEM)

commands can be used as comments in this post or as transfers including command_mode:
!requestpayment() as comment = command_mode:!requestpayment() as memo in transfer

Delegators / Stats

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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