I believe in Steem blockchain and Its Application; But We Have To Double Up

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Hello everyone
@samiwhyte here

The steemit experience is second to non, as it houses different activities on it blockchain. Steem and its applications are easily adaptable to many e.g bloggers, vloggers, photographers, developers to mention but few. Almost all niche can be accommodated on this blockchain.

We all want a platform where we can express ourselves, a place which offers advantages over others. We want to produce the same result with little or no effort, energy, time etc applied. We want to use a platform that is user friendly and easily adaptable. For me I will say the steem blockchain and its applications have high advantages when it comes to these.

Truth be told steemit is not for everyone and not everyone can be here and at the same time not everyone here can be active bloggers as we all have our various reasons for being here. Some are here for good while others joined for the wrong reasons, some didn't even do a research before clicking the sign up button. Wether for good or wrong reason, we have over one million registered accounts on the steem blockchain application, a figure worth celebrating.

Is It Really About Account Creation?


Celebrating over one million accounts is great, its a milestone and deserve some popping of champagne, but the steem blockchain and its applications goes beyond account creation. Its one thing to be here, its another thing to get your expectations met. Everyone has an expectation and this is not met over a time frame they may move on to something else or better still place their eggs in different baskets.

Reading a post today by @whatsup titled; User Retention: This is Our Community, I was heart broken to see a stat of 60k daily active account from the post;

Many feel that 60k daily active accounts is a bad stat for for 1 million created accounts. Remember SteemIt is the wallet, so many accounts might have stake and be inactive for a reason. Not everyone wants to blog/write/sing, create content.

I agree with @whatsup as explained above but this figure calls for reevaluation and adjustments where necessary. I believe many aren't here to do the usual but there are many more who are here to be active but choose to take a turn maybe their experience wasn't nice enough, thou I am not justifying their actions because we all have equal opportunities here and we still choose to be active.

What You Have To Do, Do Quick


Back in the days in my primary school, we were told to always observe the clock and do what we have to do quick and excellently too. The phrase; What You Have To Do, Do Quick, became a slag as we take on tasks. This should be the approach of @ned and his team. I believe in Steem blockchain and Its Application, i believe in our future here and the future of the steem ecosystem. So much is being said and done but time is fast running and we need to catch up. Its never good to lose clients, therefore we have to move fast with implementation to save our own blockchain. So much promises (community features, SMT...) were made for 2018 and little or nothing has been implemented yet with over five months into the year, except the frequent updates to keep the community informed of progress made, this is good but I believe faster implementation is better.

The call to keep our blockchain high is not just the job or @ned and his team but a collective effort of us all, we can keep others active by supporting, engaging, upvoting etc. Let's savage our community and build a better steem blockchain.

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Couldnt agree more we have a long road ahead of us.


Yeah you are right, we really have a long way to go but I believe we will get there someday.

Well said! The milestone is worth celebration but the politics here is outta this world, sometimes things you see will get you discourage but once you motivate yourself not to give up then you won't. But the truth must be told have seen a lot of exceptional post out here that get no upvote and that because the big guns out here aren't willing to upvote you for free but thanks to the good heart ones like @yoo1900 @hr1 etc.... that give back to the community. The point here is it the battle of the fittest, you are yourself motivator that why we all have to work hard on our sp but I think something needs to change and the change starts from me and you.


Yeah you are absolutely correct, the change we seek starts from me and you, if we change the system will change, taking about the good ones, they are the reason many are still here and active.

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