Let's Build Steemit Together And Watch The Price Of Steem Go High

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Hello everyone
@samiwhyte here

It's over 9 months since I became active on the steem blockchain, joined in July 2017 and became active in August 2017 after the release of my #introduceyourself blog. Soon the platform got more interesting for me, as I pay attention to the number of views, number of comments, number of upvotes and finally the amount earned on my blogs.


In my early days here, I looked out for the comments from these big guys on my blogs which was an indication that some people that matters are viewing my blogs, its gives me encouragement to continue and also to put more effort resulting in improvement by the day. You know you aren't just writing but you have audience to read your blog, you want to met up with expectations from audience and this drives you to explore all means to improve.

Seeing how I improve daily inline with the new ideas i came across by reading and interacting, I soon fell in love with this blockchain, interactions became a thing I just wanna see as soon as I drop a blog, suddenly I saw the price of steem going up daily. Beyond the price of steem, there were other things moving in the right direction here, there was a great inflow of people into the steemit blockchain, it was a win win for all, because we all gain somehow, either by reading quality content, blogging, earning or interacting.


I soon fell in love with curating and interacting, i spent more time interacting and curating than blogging, this fetched me some great followers such as @extrospect, @fulltimegeek, @monika.homa, @nathanmars....and an honour of stewardofgondor by @fulltimegeek with a free delegation of 1000SP. I could curate over 2000 post per week and over 500 comments with this empowerment. With the little SP, I could see how impactful an upvote worth on a newbie and how it help them develop and gain confidence on the platform.


But as usual every good thing always come with an attack, soon I witness an attack on steemit, by a whale who excretes 10 times a day and also feeds on it. This started draining the system till a battle to savage the system began, @fulltimegeek had to suspend the stewardofgordon program to help bring this battle to an end. This was a good news for us all as with him we believe the battle will come to an end soon, with miss reactions we watch for 24hrs as our SP will soon be taken away from us. After the withdrawal of our SP, we watch and supported the battle the best way we can.

While waiting for an end of battle, steemit witness another thing I will call an attack too, i.e the use of bidbot and vote selling. Everyone started buying and selling votes, its now all about ROI rather than building the platform. People barely read or interact with a blog. You can barely see a trending post today without a bot vote, people don't read or vote for free, some dont even engage anymore all they do is post, and buy votes.

Every wrong done always has an impact, bidbot has made steemit uninteresting to many and unadoptable to newbies who earn little or nothing any more. Like the saying; "first impression matters a lot", the early experience isn't fair to newbies anymore. We have to look beyond earnings and save the steem blockchain.

Like the bible says; "a two fold cord is better than one", we can change the course of steemit if we decide to make a difference, we can spend our time here saving the platform from these attacks, we can become real steemians and make great impact, we can rewrite the activities here. I believe in financial freedom, we can make steemit a home and source of living for people in the third world.

I am @samiwhyte, I believe in the steem blockchain, I believe in impacting lives, lets build the dream steemit we all aspire and watch the price of steem go high.

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Wonderful! Lets build together ❤

I agree with you @samiwhyte. I believe in the Steemit platform and I also strongly believe that the value of STEEM will rise, and we will enjoy it together!

Good one @samiwhyte