Steem and Steemit Rewards More Than Any Other Crytocurrency And Their Applications

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Hello everyone
@samiwhyte here

It's almost a year since i ventured into this crazy world of crypto, I call it crazy because it a world that has the ability to throw even the wisest man into an array. It's a world where you sleep with 100% assurance on your analysis but wakes up into the shock of your life. They calls it volatile nature of crypto, i.e life spirit, it has the ability to appear and disappear in no time one favorable conditions are met.


I have come to understand the importance of influence/affluence in life alongside the power of information. I have seen how little information has help many obtain great financial feet here in the cryto world. Knowing which coin is about to pump and dip can save one a fortune. I have seen how an interview of a reputable investor or influential personality can cause a global market to go south.

Before July 2017, I knew little or nothing about crypto currencies except the popular bitcoin, which is the mother of all cryptos. Coming into this world, I saw a different light from what is being shown out there, i saw a place where you can get all you've been looking for just by information. At first all my research point to ripple which I got a little token off, the investment did pay off , but not as much as steem and its application (steemit).

Coming into steemit was a destination, it is the light that glows in the dark, it help illuminate every part of your world. Steemit gave me a platform where I get almost all I need, it gives me information, which is power. Beyond the returns made on resources invested in this blockchain, i get almost all updates from the different tags available on the steemit blockchain. It give me a sense of love and the ability to give while receiving (i.e reward a post and also earn curation rewards).


For newbies to the crypto world, I will recommend steemit, why? you may ask. I have come to learn by experience and from reading posts on the steemit, that the best kind of investment to venture into are those that pays you while it appreciate. This is not an investment advice, it is just my opinion. The steem blockchain rewards you with both SBD and Steem as along as you are active here, while you watch the predictions unfold. If you've been here and active long enough, you would would have gotten much returns on investment, reducing the risks should the price of steem dip rather that hike. Currently, I have earn more on the steem blockchain that I invested and more than in any other token i invested in. As one who believe in the future of this platform, I have reduced how frequent (previously once in every 24hrs) I post on steemit, this is to ensure the reward goes round and everyone is smiling while we build the biggies hit on the crypto world.

I believe in steem and its applications, looking forward to a future where steem will be well adopted and more lives impacted through the steemit and steem blockchain.

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I enjoy the platform as well, but it seems you need to use a Bot in order to get noticed. Sometimes while using a Bot to promote your content you end up losing money. Some of the Bots seem to be paying out less than you give them. Any thoughts on this? Would respect your opinion

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Steemband steemit has great potential. The possibilities around which it was created are amazing. Everyone is anxious of it’s future

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great info!! thnx...and see (if you will) were I believe the cryptos are going short-longer term.