Introvert and the importance of having Internet friends

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I have been away for almost a month. I thought I would detox from social media, because I was turning into a introvert/extrovert but I couldn't resist for too long.

I realized how INTERNET FRIENDS ARE SO IMPORTANT. I was wondering about each of you almost every day and feeling guilty for not being online.

People shouldn’t doubt or minimize the impact they can have, even if it's online. Internet friends are so important especially for those who are working home or are still socially awkward.
I have been trying to bring people on steemit for ages and people think it’s nerdy and complicated to understand, but I don't care. I have learned a lot about my real self and all of you.
We cant judge anyone's escape mechanisms.

Find yourself a community online and you’ll never feel alone a day in your life, even if you are alone every single day.

At 33, I cosplay and read comic books. I can't hide my geekness in the closet. Now I let my geek flag fly with pride!
Daenerys Targaryen. He was no dragon. Fire cannot kill a dragon.

Sometimes the nicest people are introvert or just so socially awkward that they kind of build buffers to the world, but they feel deeply, care much, and will literally do anything for you (even if they can't figure out what that would be on their own).

It's never too late to embrace your inner geek! So, after I drawn my phone in the toilet, I bought a smartphone - Huawei p10 lite-
Here it is my first selfie for you :)
No filter, the camera is just a bit weird!?!

I have set in my new toy a ready made theme and screensaver that reminds of me on the beach. How ego-referred isn't it?
Here a couple of screensavers


Isn't it super-cute???


You know what? Several of my “internet friends” are some of the most important people to me.
Supportive, loving, and kind. Some of you have helped me emotionally.
A bond is a bond, no matter the platform it takes place.

Whatever brings people together, especially as adults, is wonderful.
It is essentially what makes Steemit so wonderful, the ability for anyone to reinvent themselves or simply BE themselves.
"Find your tribe, free your head.
Free your mind, or else you're dead."

Are you socially awkward? Are you working from home? Do you have important internet friends? Did you find your tribe here?
Write a comment about it or just post your selfie down in the comments, because it's fun.
Love you all, dickheads.

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Thank you! I look more beautifully ugly and older :) You are a great artist

I have found my little family here on Steemit. I truly enjoy interacting with the people I have met here. I’ve even met some Steemit people face to face. It’s so refreshing to see the unique and interesting content that people create and the incredible stories that people tell here. I’ve actually stopped using all other social media since joining Steemit. :)


I have only met 1 Steemit person face to face and it was sooo much fun and interesting to finally talk with someone about Steemit. Here in Cambodia we don't have such a thing like a group, like you have in Aussie.
I hope the Steemit convention this year will be on this part of the globe, so I can meet some of the people (who knows!) Me too, personally, I use only Steemit and Instagram now, and it is more than enough, as I don't have too much time. I wish a day was made of 48 hours!
Also, I believe that once you are into Steemit you generate an automatic hate for Facebook, it feels like another world.


I agree, I have despised FB since starting on Steemit. It's possible that Steemfest will be over your way this year but I think I heard it would be in the states again.

There's a tonne of people in Cambodia on Steemit. I think @surpassinggoogle met with a few Cambodians a short while ago.

As an introvert and self-imposed hermit (at least part of the year) I am very happy to have my 'internet friends'. It is important to have others to share things with and to bounce ideas off or just go off and be silly.

Before steemit came into my life this year, I was beginning to disparage online life. It has slowly been changing and places like FB and insta were feeling cold and just like a busy market place that people were selling wares and shouting, "look at me, NO ME!" I was finding myself spending even more time alone.

Now, steemit has really made me find a new group of online friends that I look forward to 'seeing' and 'chatting' with daily. I love our #steemitvillage!


Steemit is another story. People are appreciative and real. REAL is what we want! Real is what we are!
Facebook is the celebration of FAKE - you just show who you want to be or only the "best" bits.
In Asia they use facebook for work a lot, so I have to discuss about work stuff on messenger sometimes, how can I upload my photos of wigs and my deepest thoughts and share my passion in such a fake place?
Here people who are like you become automatically close. It is not only a matter of tags. At the end of the day, after a while we are here it is always similar names hanging out and I love it!


It seems we are still small enough here that we can find one another, but Facebook runs all sorts of algorithms and if you want anyone to even see your post you have to pay or it gets burried. I only post there out of obligation to 'you are supposed to share your artwork there if you are an artist' but I'm not sure why I bother.

LOL that screensaver is hilarious.

Internet friends are great people we can not do without
I have a lot of friends online and I love him very much
Really your pictures are very beautiful. You are a very beautiful girl
I wish you all the best


Thank you for being a friend😄 Glad to see your back, I've also been super slacking here, though I have no phone covered in poo to blame😂 Trying to put two kids to bed every night is tough, one goes down, the other pops up, repeat. And working full time doing renos at schools has me exhausted, 40 hours a week seems longer in 40 degree weather. I still try to keep posted, but I've started to fall behind.


I didn't even know that in your country you could reach this level of temperature! I thought it would just be extremely cold, average cold, moderate cold and cold 😂 I'm sure your wife is helping you and that once Luna is a bit bigger you will miss the time that you have spend with her :) this is the best time! <3
Family first.
Steemit friends are low maintenance and we are here, no matter what :)


I live on the cockshaft of Canada, surrounded by Great Lakes. -40 winters, +40 summers, separated by a few weeks of nice weather😕 Truthfully my wife does all the work, but I have to be available to scratch her back and change the channel😄

Just a little present to celebrate you're back ...



<3 Hey! I lived in France as well, in Toulouse for 1 year! But it still hurts too much to see the arrogant French win the world cup again, especially because yesterday Croatia was stronger! Just tired.

This is so very true - A bond is a bond! Well said! I was away from Steemit and my @steemitbloggers family for almost two weeks recently and it near killed me because I missed them all so much.

Lovely to "meet" you :)

PS. Thanks to @jeffandhisguitar for the resteem which was how I spotted this post.


Thank you @jaynie! Nice to meet you! And big thanks to @jeffandhisguitar =)


Absolutely :)

I prefer to call it the goofy flag, and let it fly in the breeze. So nice, and so much easier, to just be yourself, and appreciate all that you can give and receive from the world. What else CAN you be, that doesn't take more energy than anyone has to give. And goof it up while doing it. I'm convinced humor makes the world go round. You just gotta find your banner, and I'd say you've found a large one yourself. More power to ya.

I guess I would classify myself as an introverted extrovert. All situation-ally dependent. I truly do spend a lot of time by myself, particularly if somewhere where all I want to do is take photos, and enjoy watching the world go round. Or creating art/writing/stuff. Other times, I enjoy being with people. Sometimes. And, much like my comments on Steemit, I AM a talker, to strangers, and they seem to tell me their life stories in too much detail sometimes, when I first meet them. Not sure why. I've been told it's because I smile a lot and my bottom teeth show. ???????

As for the internet, Steemit is my first gig, and it's all pretty new to me, but I've met so many fun and enjoyable friends on Steemit. I love it. And that tends to make me more of a homebody, just sitting on the machine. But like you, I'm HAPPY with it, talking to friends on here. It's a blast. I know I will probably not ever meet most of them, yet they are important to me. I always look forward to the commenting part of this interaction more than anything else. Maybe the fact we may never meet them, makes it easier, I don't know. But as you say, it's an important part of my life. Meeting fun people such as yourself, and laughing most of the time. Humor makes the world go round. At least in my view. Flap 'yer Flag...

EW1_0618-1 181kb.jpg
Self Titled Official Photographer in Sock Monkey Hat in Sock Monkey Booth at the Oregon Country Fair (with newly acquired Reggae Sock Monkey in pack)


Spending time with yourself is brilliant. You can do so much! You can be so creative! You can let yourself free to expand and grow. Being with people, you exchange energies.
I feel when I am with other people, I give my energies to them than what I take. So I command myself to be more and more by myself, but at the end of the day I am a too social. I need people, I need their love, I need their worship to me and their hugs. I am a very huggy cuddly person. I'm like a labrador. What can I do!
When you smile you have a welcoming face, the reason people trust you and want to tell you their stories! You must look like a reliable person :)
I can see how you are such an introvert. I felt that in your writing! I am very sensitive with people and with their face expression, gestures, but I am a bad listener in real life. So here on Steemit I can read and be more focused on the personality of the person who is writing.
In the photo, I thought you had a cock in your mouth. LOL. I'm such a psychopath.


The alone creativity thing is very real. We are such complicated beings. Needing and enjoying people, yet enjoying being alone too. I guess that is the yin and yang and joy of life.
Hee hee, it does look a bit that way. Sorry to report, just a Sock Monkey leg. Which is just fine with me, thankyouverymuch ( :
I wouldn't say psychopath, just a very alive person that speaks your mind.
I do smile a lot, so that probably does have a lot to do with becoming a Dear Gabby. I suppose I also do like to help problem solve on all scales of life too. So it's all good. Tillater

Good to see ya back :D


Slowly! I am still too busy with other stuff to stay on steemit like I used to.


Sat at your desk writing reports by any chance?? :D

Funny thing, internet friends are the only friends I have these days! Low maintenance and highly dependable. Physical presence is so overrated!

Also, my wife's getting a retention phone tomorrow but it's a Huawei P20 Lite haha what a coincidence!


Yes, the one I took is Huawei P20lite! In Asia is known as Huawei Nova 3e! I think this phone will go very well on the market, because it very new, it is not a low budget/low quality phone, but neither very expensive like a samsung S9 - affordable enough- and incredibly new. The camera is good but not amazing (I used to have a samsun S7 and it was another story) the usability is good and the battery excellent :)
I am happy to have online friends at the moment :) I agree with you about physical presence.

congratulations for your new phone :D


People aren't easy - online or off. Friendships don't come easy for me either way. When I do finally solidify a bond it tends to disintegrate easily. So I have decided to be a loner and people are welcome to come along for the ride if they like...but I won't acknowledge them ha ha

We are all just islands unto ourselves. Quotefancy-20942-3840x2160.jpg


I have been thinking a lot about the importance of solitude. Being alone is incredibly important to feel good with yourself, be productive, be reflective, be many more things that you can't when you are in company of someone.
HOWEVER, I will reply with another quote: "Happiness is real only when shared"
Friends are important too. Having friends should not be difficoult if you don't have high expectations and let the people free to be and do what they want.
Steemit is beautiful because it is so real and people are so real. I loved to be away and see people lookking for me and I was looking forward to contact them back!


It usually is expectations on me that is the problem. If I can't feel comfortable being myself around someone because they think I need to be the perfect fit for them...or else, I just suck in their eyes. Sometimes people really are not worth the stress. A lot of people are set in their ways and only they can change themselves. Find one or two that you can stand and they can stand you as you are and spend the rest of the time experiencing and learning.

I think I can only handle maybe three major friendships at one time. It's really all I need as long as their solid ones. Even one good friend is enough.

I also love my steemit friends, but I'm having the opposite thoughts right now. Thinking of taking a little time away from writing - been doing a lot between here and other places - and just focus on family. Who knows, maybe I'll be back in a day or two though. It's an addiction...

My real-life friend that is so much like you just seems to have met the love of her life and is very busy. I'm happy for her, and besides I have the internet version of her to interact with here :)


Where else do you write? Nothing wrong about taking time off. I did it and it was amazing and I think it wasn't enough. I need more time out of technology. I feel it isn't healthy.
I guarantee you that in real life I am much more funny than in the virtual life. Here I hold myself to not look like a psychopath.


Interesting philosophy you have there - trying to not look like a psychopath on the internet vs. in real life. I like that. Typically our internet persona is the more extreme version of ourselves.

So I nixed doing any social media during the day. I'm just doing that stuff at night when all is quiet, and it has been a big improvement. Out of sight, out of mind.

So nice that you are back!

I was on a mountain with no internet access for 7 days and LOVED it. It felt good to be away but it feels better to be back.

Your screensavers are cute when the doll with all that hair.


Mountain where? Camping with family? I love camping!
I love the screensaver when the doll show her brazilian tanga with freedom :D

I'm glad you're back. I missed the shit out of your and your crazy adventures.


I'll write soon more <3 I missed you too :)


You are so sexy

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The weirder I get the more I appreciate the opportunity to connect with people online. Most people in my physical world don’t like to think about anything outside of mainstream group think. It’s important to be able to communicate with like minded people. However, there is no substitute for interacting with people in person, we are still biological beings & need physical interaction for optimal health.