@crypticat is now my friend

4년 전

all my respected friends and followers in the last post i have mentioned that about my scheme .that is just upvote to my this post then i will follow you and i will take your name on my coming blog.so friends the name of that members who have upvoted me are @crypticat
hello my friends and followers .i am sarikaa. as i have introduced in my previous blogs. but today i am going to announce a new my plan that if you want to be followed from me then you have to upvote to my this post.I will check wheather you have upvoted me or not. whoever upvoted to my this post, then i will open their steemit account and i will follow them .Also i will take their name whoever upvoted meon my next coming blog. it's very simple and you will definately benefitted from my this plan. so be hurry and up vote to my this post as soon as possible. In my next blog i will also show you the members who are followed by me.
thank you to all . friend this proves that i am genuine person and whatever i tell i really doo.again

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hello friend as you have uploaded me now I am following you also I am displaying opposed with the name of you thank you friend and keep assisting me in future as well