Lets show the world that Steemit does NOT condone environmental abuse.

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Do NOT release a hundred latex balloons into the ocean. Its not cute. Its just trash. Literally.

The world isnt your Steemit Garbage Dump. Now go pick up your balloons off the beach before the local wildlife starts choking on them. We would like a video of this as well, thanks.

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
August 2015
“Birds, turtles and other animals commonly mistake balloons for food, which can harm or even kill them.”

This is not the example we should be setting. I shouldn't have to explain why.

Upvote for visibility. Lets make a stance against this kind of behavior.

Here is the disturbing evidence of a crime against the nature:

Beware, some of these images may be upsetting...

We should NOT be encouraging these crimes:

#announcement #steem #environmentalism #activism #introduceyourself

@Steemit pays nearly $10,000 for woman to release hundreds of latex balloons into the ocean. https://t.co/Ll7Wtde7NX #environmentalrights

; Jupiter (@Jupiter00000) July 27, 2016


She better donate that money she made to the right place.


This environmental announcement has been previously flagged by powerful users even after receiving 30+ upvotes:

FLAGGED by @ozcap (1400 STEEMPOWER)

FLAGGED by @recursive (170,188 STEEMPOWER)

  • these curators do not have share love for the health of our planet. I refuse to upvote their posts and comments from now on.

HOWEVER - this post has recieved 42 upvotes in 20 minutes! Good job! You can't silence the minnews forever ;)

And great job on flagging this litterbug. I think this is the most flags Ive ever seen!


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Hurting the Environment for Money! , I don't which world these people live in but it's not a good one

I'm not sure, maybe the balloons are biodegradable after all and there's no "harm" done, at I hope that's the case. But It doesn't matter, she's young and attractive, she can do whatever she wants in this world and even get paid for it.


Biodegradable balloons? If she was aware enough to use those, she'd be aware enough to mention it. I refuse to believe she's that unaware. She obviously isnt stupid. Just negligent. She deserves a thousand dollar fine for littering. Nobody can debate that.


They look latex based for sure. She's just littering for money if that's the case but that's how the world works really. Turn on the tv and you'll rich idiots everywhere and people clapping and throwing more money at them.

Let's not get too sentimental. 100 balloons isn't that much pollution that it justifies making a scandal out of it.


Dear affectionate flagger of my posts... We are setting an example and buidling a delicate reputation and my concern should not be dismissed or flagged by you (again). Catering to this trash is going to push a lot of genuine people out. You're really going to argue against 45 upvotes in 30 minutes? The arrogance! You damn corporate whales are going to end up in a lonely clubhouse before long at this rate. Your attitude is exactly why our planet is on the brink of disaster. Educated much?


If you are referring to this post, I didn't downvote your post because of the environmental concern (which is fine even if I don't think it's justified in that case) but because you were blaming another user and requiring that she pay money to a NGO. Please be respectful to other users, even if you disagree with what they say or do, and don't try to dictate what they are entitled to do with the money they earned on Steem.


Well treating it as a crime against mankind is going a little too far I agree. But the man has a point even if it bothers people.

Jupiter00000 Jupiter tweeted @ 27 Jul 2016 - 07:26 UTC

@Steemit pays nearly $10,000 for woman to release hundreds of latex balloons into the ocean. steemit.com/steemit/@satan... #environmentalrights

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