Minnows vs. Whales = 53 votes worth only .20 cents

5년 전

This controversial and quickly rising post has been upvoted exclusively by Minnows and flagged, exclusively by Whales.

Kind of interesting to see a discrepancy of opinion between the wealthy 1% and the steem-poor 99%

I think a redistribution of wealth is in order.

The top earners have made more on single posts than most of us make in a year. One vote from the right person and your post will shimmer and shine with the brightest light you've ever known, bringing its value to ungodly heights that most of us could hardly fathom.

Its time for the little ones to be given an opportunity. From now on, I will no longer vote for posts by anyone over with over 15,000 SteemPower. I believe that if we all boycott the whales, they would be more inclined to share the wealth. All it takes is one upvote from them to change your life. So lets get writing! I will return all upvotes for this post, and you all should do the same. If we cut of their supply of minnew votes, they will be forced to help us ascend the ranks. We've been given an economic democracy. Its time to use it to our advantage.

As we see more minnews rise up, I think the quality and DIVERSITY of content will be VASTLY improved.

  • Stop voting for whales.

  • Keep upvoting minnews. (your posts are way more interesting anyway. no, seriously. If I ever read another heiditravels post worth $10,000 I will honestly die.)

  • "we are the many, you are the few"

    Basically, untill I start seeing changes in this game (see below) Im not going to be happy. Keep Steeming you faithful, hard-working, creative and fascinating group of friends!! Keep amazing me!

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    "Cut off their supply of minnow votes..." You really have no idea how this place works, do you?


    You really think the minnows have no power to curate this place into a more diverse environment, dont you? Steemit founder, Dantheman upvoted it for some reason. Apparently you know more than anyone.

    I think you're looking at this in the wrong way. The whales make hardly anything from posting, it's all in the curation rewards.

    They will especially upvote anything that has the potential to bring in new users to Steemit as this is the strategy that benefits the size of the market cap the most.

    Boycotting the whales will do nothing.

    They are in actual fact redistributing the wealth hugely and building up a base of dolphins that will continue to do this.

    I have a few articles on the subject if you're interested.


    The whales flagged my post with so much power that it completely removed the sample of the article on the main post and the picture. Whales curate this place to their own tune, and I believe its time for some massive changes. If you want Steem to increase in value, you wont dismiss my logic. Thanks for your thought. My article now has another 45 upvotes in less than 10 minutes, and if whales refuse to upvote - that shows a major discrepancy in opinion between the Powerful and the Poor.

    Its classic. However, I appreciate your thoughtful response and vote. Thank you.


    I agree with your logic, reading your post I'm not sure who you think the whales are? Your downvotes weren't really from anyone with any significant power.

    The reason why her post did so well was that she was willing to go out there, thinking outside the box and make some kind of spectacular statement to grow Steemit. Is it worth that amount of money? Probably not, but seeing those kinds of payouts will incentivize people to do the same. It's almost an advert for posting about promoting Steemit.

    We'll see people step up their game in that field. Its all about the first mover advantage here. :)

    Maybe all the minnows can get up to dolphin level. That would be spectacular!


    you can stop spamming posts. i joined minnowsunite and quickly left after my post was deleted thanks. too many rules for me.


    whats consider a dolphin? 100 steem power?

    I threw my 0.01 cents . ;-)

    Rise of the otters! First minnow (newbie) otter ( playing with this in spare time) Dolphin (workhorses) whales (elite)


    I will folow you advice. Think you.

    Feel free to swing by my post. I'm trying to give out some votes today to encourage more community involvement. Just drop me a line that tells me something about you.


    happenings in the crypto space