Tips for posting Steemit

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The nice thing about posts is that as you're writing it, you can scroll down and it gives you a preview of what it will look like after you click post. When you use markdown in your post, make sure you look at the preview to make sure your doing the markdown right.


To have a picture, all you have to do is put in the link of the picture. A good amount of Steemians, including me, use the site imgsafe to get links for their pictures.

How to make a picture smaller

You will have to type ' you want it x length you want it/' in the front of the url for your picture.

source for image in example

Make a picture be in the center

What you need to do is on the left side of the picture or text you want in the middle you type <center> and on the right you type </center>.

Resource credits

Resource credits determine how much you can post, whether it's an article or a comment. These are made to prevent everything from being slowed down by people creating too much. How much SP you have determines how much resource credits you have.

To see how many you have left and other useful things, type this link: in your search bar and replace the word "username" with your username (and keep the @ symbol in there, don't take it out).

Making a word a link

You can just put a link into an article or comment and when someone clicks on it, it'll bring them to that page. But, as you can see,, this looks messy. You probably want it to look nice and clean like this.
Now I will show you how to do it. You need to put the word you want to say in brackets (these things [ ] ) and right next to it put the link in parenthesis. So it will look like this [what you want to say](your link). Remember DO NO put a space between the ] and (, if you do this it will not work. I spent a long time trying to figure out what went wrong, don't make that same mistake.

My tip for being on Steemit and getting noticed is


  • Make good quality content and don't plagiarize.
    The Steemit community is good about this. If you do plagiarize, your post will most likely be flagged.
  • Keep making and posting.
    Steemit is a marathon, not a sprint.

  • Join contests that interest you.
    Not only could this help you get some prizes, but this could help you get noticed by the others participating.

If you want to know more in more detail, look up other articles about Steemit. I don't know everything and there are people who know more than me.

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