5 Most VIOLENT DANGEROUS Prisons In The World

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Prisons are made to keep criminals away from the rest of society. Its goal is to reform and rehabilitate it’s inmates and make them ready for re-integration into society. But if you put too many people with the same dangerous mindset into one place – you often end up creating an environment that’s conducive to extreme violence.
The next five prisons have gained notoriety not just because of its inmates but because of the amount of brutality the prison population has exhibited. These are the 5 most violent and dangerous prisons in the world.

  1. Rikers Island

Rikers Island was once owned by the Rycken Family, a Dutch clan that purchased the land and settled into it when they first immigrated to the shores of what was then known as New Amsterdam. The name was Anglicized to Rikers and the island ended up in the hands of Richard Riker. Those familiar with 12 Years A Slave, will know that the island and Riker himself was known for "kidnapping" free black men and women and sending them to the South to become slaves without trial. This tainted history has been brought up several times, even resulting in a petition to change the island's name.

  1. Bang Kwak Prison

Home to Thailand's Death Row prisoners, Bang Kwak Prison has notoriously gained its reputation for being one of the harshest in the country. Aside from death row prisoners, it's also a place that houses prisoners serving more than 20-year sentences and the most foreigners in the country. Bang Kwak was first envisioned by King Rama V and was built from 1927 to 1931. Today, the prison is not just known for housing the most severe offenders in the Thai regime but also because of the harsh conditions the prisoners have to suffer through.

  1. La Sabaneta Prison

Like many prisons all over the world, Venezuela's La Sabaneta Prison is dangerously overcrowded. Created to house only 700 prisoners, La Sabaneta is now home to more than 3,700 inmates. There's also an estimated 192 children living inside the prison whose family members or parents are incarcerated. Because of the lack of space, inmates have to hang hammocks just to make room for sleeping. On the floors, they sleep elbow to elbow. Baths are taken using buckets of water and when they need to relieve themselves, they do so in a plastic bag and then throw it through their barred window.

  1. Tadmor Military Prison

Known to the Western world as Palmyra, (pall mall) the place is often admired for the various Greco-Roman ruins found all across it’s grounds. However, for Syrians, Palmyra's Arabic name – Tadmor – conjures images of horror, fear and death.
Tadmor Military Prison was originally created from a French mandate as a military barracks in the 1930s. The prison was constructed in a circular style so the guards could keep constant watch over the prisoners within. It consists of seven courtyards along with 39 smaller cells, 40-50 dormitories and 19 underground "disciplinary" cells where inmates would be tortured and put in solitary confinement. A solitary window covered in barbed wire would be found in the ceiling so the guards could check on the prisoners at all times. The prisoners, in turn, were not allowed to look at the guards or make eye contact with one another.

  1. Carandiru Prison, Brazil

Known in Brazil as Casa de Detencao, Carandiru Prison was located in Sao Paulo. Built in 1920, it was once praised as a model prison that was revolutionary, but Over time it’s reputation would deteriorate drastically. At its peak, it housed over 8,000 inmates and the prison conditions were deemed some of the worst in the world.
For the 8000 people inside, there were 1000 guards making sure the prison was secure. Eventually, parts of the prison fell into gang control and most of the gaurds and medical staff were hesitant to enter because of what might happen. As a result, the death toll of prisoners from disease and infection were quite high. On top of that, starvation as well as malnutrition was rampant in the prison. Experts believed that the gangs would control the food and sell it to the other inmates; those who didn't have money to pay would simply starve.


Weather you believe these prisoners are getting what they deserve, or feel that there needs to be more done to protect inmates, theres no denying these places are horrible, violent and extremely dangerous to be sent to.

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