A Suppoused "Troll Flagger bot" is Downvoting left and right with no discrimination.

3년 전

So this New kid on the block is claiming to flag "trolls" and people that help the "trolls".

taken from his website

Yet he loosely defines "troll" and seems to be downvoting left and right as retaliation to specific people and people that interact with them.

taken from his website

The list goes on.
This person is @Jetenculenprofond
This looks more like an unorganized retaliation than a crusade to stop the trolls as they make it seem, attacking innocent users of the steemit website left and right as you can see on his Steemd.com page. I know his 100% downvotes with 15 delegated SP mean literally nothing. but still, this is an abusive behavior.


(example of indiscriminated downvoting from mister TrollFlaggerbot)

The bot's website claims that more than 43.000 users are affected by this.
While yes, some of the accounts involved might be "trolls" or not, a lot of innocent people are affected.

I wonder what @steemcleaners, @abusereports and others affected have to say about this.

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@banjo were you affected by this? lol


No, The tsunami occurred in Aceh, I was in Jakarta.