Crypto Millionaire Bought 200K Lamborghini For 45 Bitcoin Costing $115 @senseicat

3년 전

Peter Saddington purchased a $200,000 USD Lamborghini for 45 bitcoin that originally cost him a mere $115 USD!

He heard about bitcon in 2011 after reading a report about it losing 90% of it's value from $30 to $3. After spending some time researching bitcoin and reading the white paper, he invested in 2011, when each one cost $2.52, and purchased 1,000 coins.


Despite his celebrity style dream car purchase, he considers himself a HODLER. He has been purchasing it every week for since 2011.

When he purchased, his bitcoins were worth around $5,000, so with the increase of bitcoin, his car effectively cost him a little more, but I am sure he thinks it was worth the indulgence.


I would say that his dollar cost averaging technique paid off tremendously @senseicat

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Props to him. Sadly I didn't have the cahones to pull the trigger on crypto way back in the day - well deserved reward for the pretty huge risk back then!

Awesome Story. Now he needs to invest 1 bitcoin to pay the insurance and repair cost later.

Peter is so cool and have a lot of sense. I love his channel and would love others to follow his channel if you have not. Nice car Peter

I love his car :P

very nice....please give treat😆😆

It is a good little story around bitcoin price.I appreciate that.Carrry on your activity.I will for next

he is very lucky to know about bitcoin at that time by the time I started crypto btc at 1100$ late to the party but not too late I guess :P as being a student can't afford to buy more than one but I know the potential at that time itself. I miss my lamb :(

Nice to meet you. I first started to get into steemit. I'll follow you. Thank you for a good article.