The doctors said I had less than 24hrs to live 18% chance to survive in 2006, I told them not to operate & Woke up here!!!

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Hello, World in 2006 I went into the Hospital sick needing emergency open-heart surgery given 18% chance to live & less than 24 hours to survive. I refused the operation because of my spirituality, never wavering from my faith. Lying back, focusing on going into the deepest sleep, knowing it was a whole new journey I was out. The doctors woke me back up talking me into the operation, telling me they would learn from the experience considering I was the zebra in America & there are only horses. The Doctors said you’re a teacher you should understand, we need your help if a student asks for help as teachers we cannot deny them, it was more important for the doctors to cheat me from my spiritual death. Satisfying their craving for their own self-satisfaction trying to overcome the challenge. The head surgeon spread’s his arms out & says you’re a medical miracle after 10 days in ICU, wow OK you robbed me of my spiritual death claiming they saved me from what & when you can answer what they saved me from intelligently then the debate can be finished or did I really die as the story continues. I was told to report to a Doctor who made some false accusations in the Emergency Room who was on probation from the Medical Board for killing another patient. The doctor needed to cover a grave mistake he made & over-medicate me for four + years to save his career, he got caught. The most interesting part is the last thing in my mind is being asked to help, signing the papers for the operation being heavily overmedicated when someone said help me this became a trigger to help the person asking. I created Inspirational thoughts from the back pocket to open my mind writing one a day I will be sharing here, never given a chance to recover mentally from the Open heart surgery. Walking in my mind trying to find the groove. I carried these sayings when I was young. Being overmedicated I knew it was in there. Educate yourself on the Gray Matter of the Brain. Waking & Walking Meditation. What a trip they operated when I told them no, over-medicated me on Prescription Narcotic drugs, then coming off the Prescription Narcotic drugs waking to a whole new world. I reported to the sheriff's dept the doctors manipulated me into the operation the deputy said Sir that happened over 5 years ago I said yes I know I'm figuring this all out now, he said yes we know!! Wow, You the reader when it comes your time to die if you have undeniable faith in your God why would you want to be saved here in living hell when you can go back home. HaHaHa Remember quarantine is in the Bible meaning everything is as it should be! Isaiah 26:20 Come, my people, enter thou into thy chambers, and shut thy doors about thee: hide thyself as it were for a little moment until the indignation be overpast. More post coming soon as I transfer my daily post from Inspirational thought from the back pocket! The truth will always be the truth and cannot be changed.

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