Bandwidth Issue

3년 전

There is a sizable constituency of users who cannot make any measurable action on the Steemit blockchain. The message that many users receive is: Bandwidth limit exceeded. Please wait to transact or Power Up Steem.

Even when they attempt to Power Up Steem, in order to comply with the request of the server, they still run into this message, and are unable to interact with the Steemit blockchain.

The user who brought this to my attention is . This person attempted many different ways to take care of it on their own, including purchasing more Steem in order to Power Up. This is an obvious issue that puts an effective Shadow Ban on the users who have this problem. The biggest issue, is that they have no way to voice this to anyone on Steemit, unless they personally know them and can get that person to be a conduit for the problem.  

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He completely powered down. So, that’s the issue. 7 months ago, when he started his power down, the site lacked a warning about completely powering down. The warning is there now to hopefully prevent this particular scenario.