Warning! Phishing Attempt by @mrgunk

3년 전

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Dear all,

I just discovered a new kind of phishing attempt by user @mrgunk, who commented on my recent post:

Bildschirmfoto 2018-03-14 um 15.01.03.png

Clicking on the link leads you to a domain called xn--teemit-2lc.com (through the URL-shortener bit.ly), which looks like Steemit and rotates random posts. It even shows steemit.com in the browser address-bar and you only find out about the scam, when you click on the related certificate.

Do not enter your Steemit password over there, you most likely will loose your Steem.

I flagged the guy with 100%, but maybe @steemcleaners should also take a look.

Be careful and consider telling your followers about it!



Regarding to the comments @moneyroad and @barca10 are also scammers, who try to steal your passwords in a similar way.

Also check out this post by @steemitguide about a scammer with username @mateutz12.

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I had the same experience with @barca10, his comments have a link to a fake "steemit" site, used for phishing. I used the @steemcleaners report form for him.

Thanks for the heads up!


Thanks for letting me know, I updated the post accordingly.

Thanks for the heads up my friend. As many of you know I was spammed March 2 and lost 663.843 SBD . They sent me to Steewit instead of staying on Steemit. We need to know these things. With my experience they were Romanians filtering the SBD on blocktrades through Romania, Switzerland and Amsterdam. Damn these people filthy bastards. They smell money. Again thanks @shortcut


Yes, you can’t be too cautious these days. Wherever there is money, there will be people, who try to steal it. It’s really sad.


sorry for the lost

Thanks for the warning and for taking action!!


You're welcome! It's really important to be careful where you enter your passwords.

Danke für die Warnung!

Den hatte ich auch schon auf einem meiner Posts, allerdings nur als einfachen Spammer gesehen und ignoriert.


Gern geschehen! Solchen Leuten gehört direkt das Handwerk gelegt.

Thanks so much for this warning, just resteemed!


You're welcome and thanks for spreading the word!

Seems to be a few of these around. Using a password manager reduces the chances of logging into the wrong site


Thanks, using a password manager is definitely a good tip.


@moneyroad is another scammer


Thanks, updated the post accordingly.


moneyroad, he try it today with me. Thanks at @steevc that toldme at time.

So many reports on this now,
Best not to click any type of link I guess?


Just double check, when you are prompted to enter your password and always use your posting key to login.

The mentioned website even shows steemit.com in the browser address-bar and you only find out about the scam, when you click on the related certificate.


It seems like "steemit.com" but, in fact, the "s" has a dot underneath it, it is a different letter. At first I fell for it, thinking it was some kind of dust speck on the monitor! A smart way to confuse users and steal their passwords. Seems like a coordinated attempt from several fake users, using the same comment-text to lure readers.


Thanks for the headsup
Will resteem to spread the word 👊

thanks for early warning and resteem for spreading news to all steemian.

these people will not learn anytime soon they played it smartly but thanks for sharing this update

Thanks for the heads-up, you are doing exactly what needs to be done on this decentralized platform - it's our garden and we will pull our own weeds thank you. It's up to us to filter out these wastes of human flesh, starting with mister gunk. Thanks @shortcut, Steem On!

  ·  3년 전

Thanks for this nice info, guys ☺

Currently these attempts are increasing everyday !

This type of epidemic began to spread in the podium 😑 steemians should be smart and careful and gold their passwords.

it really bad.

Thanks for sharing @shortcut

thanks a lot for this waring ...resteem

they are very clever glad that we have a community who stop these types of attack

nice to see this post i will remain safe

thanks to you that you reported it too and it now in negative :)

And unfortunately with the growth of Steemit more and more scams like this will take place.

Be careful out there, brothers.