Little bit of my thing about Bitcoin future prediction

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From 2011 till now we have seen many fluctuations,all of those swings are having much difference as now , It started falling from $20000 to bottom $5600...And now everyone is acting as if its lost its value even though we have seen bad falls than this...I think we will see btc up to around $50000 ...
If that happens, I think we’ll see people say the same thing that they’re saying now; “Bitcoin lost so much value, it’s finished,” just like they’re doing now, and I think they’ll be just as wrong that time too...I think we will see btc upto around $50000 ...

What are we expecting now?

We are expecting a little correction to 6100-6150$ and then the next leg up to 6500-6800$, our goal is 7000$!

But before this, we need a rebound to 6800$ level!

It's positive to see that we stayed above 5800$ levels which were an important one!

Very positive and reversal signs are 8000$, you can say a secure position will be 8k levels!

Happy to see Alts are making nice moves...

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steemit is a great project. & steem is a nice coin. what do you think?

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Nice information . Thank a lot.


Keep it up bro... nice blog

@shubham-palande Bro really got a informative info. from here about steemit and how its works. Thanks for sharing such a informative blogs here. Keep it up bro and keep posting man!

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You gathered all information about Steem in this single post that's great

@shubham-palande nice information provided by you about steem

Good information

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good article but when did you write it? If as you say 'STEEM is worth $2.56 at the time of writing' I would like to sell you some. lol
Here is to a comeback to those levels soon. cheers!


He plagiarized this article from me. I wrote this for a couple of weeks ago. Hence the wrong STEEM value.


Plagiarism sucks. Has happened to me on more than one occasion. One of the parts of Steemit that I hate most. What can be done about this?

Thanks for the info. Especially good for newbs!

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