The BEST time to Steemit is NOW!

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I will tell you in a moment.


Here's a car that @hilarski recently purchased. He is Steeming since August 2016.

Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 10.37.32 PM.png

@Sykochica pushed her boundaries and bought a bunch of gadgets. She is Steeming since July 2016.

Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 10.40.53 PM.png

@karenmckersie got her first laptop this year. Plus, paid her rent. How? You bet! Since July 2016.

Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 10.43.44 PM.png

Do you see a pattern?

Each one of them are actively participating.

And then we have — perhaps hundreds and thousands of them — using Steemit to achieve a portion of their dreams.

It can be any dream.

They wish for it. And they get it.

This is where you may recognize:

@papa-peppers@kaylinart@trafalgar@craig-grant@acidyo@firepower@sauravrungta@doitvoluntarily and many more folks...

They are here and they are popular.

And they are all producing quality content.

But do you also see something else?

Do you see a pattern?

See how long they have been here?

They Have Challenged Time

As you read this, you may have seen a significant drop in your earnings.

Your last and this week's rewards are lower.

Perhaps by a dollar or two.

Or even as significant as five to fifty dollars.

All because of the recent crash.


Not a pretty sight, right?

Which is why your $1 published post is worth 60-70 cents.

Your earnings have reduced.

For some of you...

Hopes demolished.

And dreams destroyed.

Despite all that, this is where it gets interesting because...

Your Existence Is Questioned!

With Steem value going down...

What are you going to do about it?

Are you going to say goodbye to everyone?

Or are you going to stick around?

Your time is valuable, isn't it?

So what is it going to be?

Your existence here is questioned.

So before you make that decision, I want you to sit back...

Read this post.

And ask yourself a simple question.

Just ask now:


You joined this platform for a reason.

Besides the rewards...

Why did you join?

Perhaps you thought you will be writing everyday?

Maybe you had a specific goal?

To reach 1000 followers?

Or share your photos?

Your paintings?

Or your thoughts?

Whatever the case is:

Question yourself.

Ask if you have pushed yourself to the core? If you gave your best shot? If you have achieved what you promised you would achieve when you first joined Steemit?

If your answer is YES?

And if you are done with Steemit?

It was nice meeting you!

If not, then you and I have some serious talking to do.

It's time:


Like each one of those Steemers you saw earlier.

It's time:

You do a little more.

Put in that extra effort.

Test yourself against time.

And truly push yourself.

Sounds FUN, isn't it?

Would you like to know HOW to do that?

Perhaps some advice from the experts?

So you can challenge yourself?



Let's start with what's important:

#1: Forget Your Rewards!

For the next 30 days?

Do not think about your rewards.

Lock that thought in a box and flush it.

Instead, for your success at Steemit, do what @firepower says:


The idea is simple: Go long-term. If you look around, you will find all the top Steemers have been around here for months. They are actively curating, engaging, and contributing.

When you do that?

Rewards are a bonus. They will take care of itself.

For now:

Go long-term. And forget rewards!

#2: Be Consistent!

Consistency produces results.

In fact, it's the bridge between your goals and achievements.

You will find it inspiring to know @Sauravrungta has been consistently blogging here. He is now a full-time blogger.

I wish he was an overnight success.

The truth, however, is different.


The idea is simple: Be consistent. Seek discipline. Embrace the battle. And remember: In every battle, lazy warriors gets killed first.

Never be lazy.

Which brings us to our next point...

#3: Grind It Out, Baby!

Remember @hilarski and his car?

Here's something you will enjoy from him:


The idea is simple: Accept hardwork! Push yourself. And push yourself to the core. Because the more you work, the closer you get to your goals.

It really is a matter of doing it now. Or later.

Now is better, isn't it?

#4: Engage & Enjoy!

What's the purpose of a trip if you don't enjoy it?

At its core, Steemit is a community.

There are real people here.

You and I are real.

Which presents the opportunity to connect. And bond over common interests.

If you do that, and if you are consistent, and always pushing yourself, hear what @acidyo has to say:


The idea is simple: Involve yourself in the process. Have fun while doing so. And engage with like-minded people. Just be true to your heart.

Heck, in my one month of stay here, I have found some amazing friends here.

And what happens when we surround ourselves with friends taking us higher?

We all know the answer to that.


While everyone else is focused on something else, you now have the keys to your success on Steemit.

Regardless of the tiny crash...

Drop in rewards...

You now know the best time to Steemit...

Which is NOW!

Question is:

Are you ready?

If YES, let me know through your comments below!


PS: It took me a while to write this post. Perhaps over 12+ hours...

That graphic thing took the most!

SO if you enjoyed this post, do consider sharing your thoughts, upvoting and resteeming.

And if you still wish to be lazy, and complain, be a total mess, then a good bud @steemitqa has some suggestions for you:


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Excellent post @sidwrites. I agree with you on these points. With work and consistency, success is possible on Steemit. It might take some time, though, in the end, the work should pay off! Also, your blogging skills are amazing. Keep it up!


What this genius above me said ... DO IT.

I just bought a guitar thanks to steemit... And i am here since... May 2017 xD


wow congratulations to you!
followed and upvoted!


Thanks man! :D

LOVE THIS! I'm sad I'm only seeing it now.

wow ! Great post , and your making some dam good money , LOL that I never see !! Way to go ! I joined for the money , and stayed for the community ! If you love to blog , why not make a bit of money while your doing something you love anyways !? The money is just an added perk in the end ! Don't worry be happy , Hahaha all the way to the bank LOL ! Steem on my friend ! Oh im following you now !👍👍👍😂😂

My favorite part is how easy it is for people to give up. They fail to push through the immediate resistance after the initial excitement fades for whatever it is they decided to set themselves to. It's rather silly, considering just some simple patience and persistence and they too could be on their way to amassing wealth and success.. but oh well :)

Nicely done here my friend. Good job

@sidwrites this is a truly great post. Very uplifting and inspiring. I love that you brought others into this arena and showed how truly potent Steemit can be. Thanks for being such a positive steady here.

Buddy, I was going To write the same post today about what I learned from people here on steemit, I was going to mention @acidyo and you for comments, @firepower for long term approach and @sauravrungta for motivating me to write about tech and sci-fic when I sucked in my first post.
Guess you have to add an extra point in your post.
"Do it, Before anyone else does" and you will enjoy the rewards.

Oh to dream ... lol...

Awesome post, thanks! Great encouragement here for when you're getting started, appreciate it!! :)

I intend to stick around and "Post the Dip"(?) lol
Awesome post :D


If I can't become a Rick quick through steem, then I really don't know if any of this is worth it. Ever since I watched Rick & Morty, being a Rick is my #1 dream :(

More seriously, it is really lovely to see people doing well here, and while I am still not fully comfortable putting out content, I have really enjoyed reading & commenting due to the effort people put in, and the great amount of knowledge and original art that gets shared.

I'm not really a blogger but maybe I should be. This article motivated me. Thanks.

What an inspiring post @sidwrites! You have me fired up! Thanks bro! You just gained a new follower!

The effort you put into this post is admirable you reproduced such great advice from so many people! This is why I have become addicted to steemit: the community is fantastic. Always helpful, always supportive with excellent advice. I guess I am lucky in that I have not made my first payout yet as I have only been here 5 days: I won't have seen a drop in earnings. My primary motivator isn't money but networking.

Don't get me wrong, I would love to make a regular small income from steemit as I am unable to go out to work due to my health. However I understand it's not a sprint but a marathon - and you don't win marathons without lots and lots of training.

Excellent post @sidwrites

Great post, and a lot of the things you mention here apply not only to steemit but life in general. Hardwork and a clear vision will always take you further in life.

Patience is key when it comes to Steemit, But most people will tell you it is very much like a lottery, if you don't play the lottery you couldn't possibly win.

wow really awesome post, sums it up very well :) I guess I am here for the long term ;) again good job and keep up the good work :)

Nice post and great advice!

Yeh I'm nearly a week young Steemian now and enjoyed reading a lot and actually being able to help people! I'm gathering a list of things I want to write about every day so be aware every day what takes your attention and think if it would be good to share!

Great post @sidwrites! Very informative for new people and very positive to keep at it. All high payouts require work and effort. Keep up the good work!

nice post followed:)

Excellento ❤
Clap clap clap
As always quality work from you @sidwrites

This is only a little crash, I remember when there was low reward system months before due to hardfolk update. Even whales could earn only a dollar or 2, and for people like us the rewards were bunch of zeros. I saw people quitting this platform just because they couldn't wait for a month to fill up the reward pool. What delighted me was there were people who were actively blogging even when they could earn nothing from that. This is what successful bloggers see, not the money, but the participation :)

Sid you writes really well. HA ha ... Name is appropriate.
i glad that i follow you.
keep up with good post like this.

... Have a Nice Day ...

This is by far the best post from you!!

Very well written and inspiring!!

You'll succeed here very soon.

Motivated! I keep pushing myself to write more even though I'm not too good at it....meeting new folks and openmic is what's holding me down here...well till the money starts flowing in. loool

This is very true. I just wrote an article about a similiar topic. How we should forget the rewards and think about the community. Great to see that we share the same point of view! :)

Fully agreed with this post. It is much more important that newbies produce consistent quality content. Their followers will be their best rewards. They can begin reaping the benefits of their good work a few months down the line.

Long term playing

Excellent motivational post. Resteemed.

Hope to get there very soon

Good on ya @sidwrites. Very inspiring!

Couldn't agree more. Gotta be greedy when others are fearful and fearful when others are greedy :)

This post not only applies to SteemIT but it applies to life as well. How could anyone expect any gains from anything without being consistent? Life doesn't just hand you things, you have to work to achieve them. Good post

  ·  4년 전

Nice ride.. Always good to reward yourself buying nice things. In my opinion this platform has a bigger potential than most people can imagine. So for now I prefer to re-invest every profit into the platform.

Love this attitude.
i would spend hours on facebook posting drivel and wasting time on Angry birds. the only people benefiting from that were the advertisers on fb.
Time spent here is significantly more rewarding.
Allow me to retweet for my friends.

Awesome, thank you!
Upvote, resteemed, following!

Wow. Inspiring post. Thanx

I just wish I have the perseverance to get to where these guys are, you are all an inspiration to us steemers. Thanks for sharing @sidwrites. upvoted and resteemed ;)

I will work hard to build my channel and do the best to make it enjoyable and interesting will take time but we have to start somewhere

Great stuff here. People are caught up in the instant gratification world that they become frustrated with something that takes patients. Hard work, dedication and consistency will reward you. Keep up the good work and let's take it too the moon!!!

Great post. I was dead 💀 for months but started again around a week ago. Posts like yours keep me going! Thanks👏🏼👏🏼

See @sidwrites I can tell your intelligent!! You wrote this so effortlessly ;) (re The other post) Your posts are great and thank you for commenting on my article. I really appreciate it.

Great article and very well laid out! This is very inspiring to read and many more people need to know about this great opportunity we have to make some extra cash while doing what we already do for kicks.

@victorvazco upvote,resteem,reply and follow :) Thank you, you are awesome!

Here's something i'd like to share. May they see this a thousand years from now. Look, what you share now doesn't seem like much right now...but a thousand years from now people will be able to look back and see what you shared. Now picture yourself looking back at "history" that has been lost or if someone said that it really doesn't matter what i write. If you can't get your peepers on it to see it or read it then it didn't happen, or did it? If you think it's to silly to write down or it's natural to you, share it even if it doesn't make any sense to you now. Plus people from around the world see this and maybe they've never seen whatever it is and visa-versa. I'm sticking around. Having fun doing it too. Thanks for the chance to share and you did Steemit service by calling people out and asking the "hard" question.


Great post! Hard work and dedication conquers even the steepest hills!

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Great post

This is how you do it. Be creative, be active, build your followers. Nothing comes for free, it takes hard work to achieve your goals!

@sidwrites I really like this post. The monetary value, honestly, is irrelevant to everything. I think the value in this is really in the platform of expression. For instance - I've bounced the idea on and off in my head for some time to write, to blog, to post interesting anecdotes, and I've never taken it up.

But with the community I've seen here, I've been encouraged to do so. I've only started out with a couple of science posts that have only scrounged up a smattering of cents so far, but that doesn't really matter - I think they're darn good pieces. And soon I'll start spilling my guts about my residency - which is really, I think, one of the goals to air things out.

I was fortunate enough to have a good return on my introduction post. I turned that all into STEEM and then powered up - the good thing about the downturn is that the STEEM is cheap compared to the SBD right now.

So I'm in it for the long haul, as well - even if I'm just smacking keys to air out my thoughts.

If this helps me pay off my student loan, then fantastic.

But if it helps me be a better physician and person, well - that's the real win.


This is all really advice but I really think there is a certain kind of person who will do better here at steemit. You have to be interested in contributing to a community, have things to say, aware of HOW the site functions and how to make it work for you or preferably all of the above. Of course you could become this kind of person if you try.

Nice posts, nice talking to you in the chats.

And I want that magical cartoon lizard on top of their car.


Great post! I've only been on steemit for a short while, but I'm definitely going for the long run. I think it's one of the best places for quality content and a great community. Thanks for your input! I will keep all of this in mind.

You are killing it man. Appreciate it

This is a page that I will refer to often because of all the great nuggets and tips.