Warning: There's A New Scam To Steal Your Steemit Account

5년 전

Dear Steemers,

A new scam is making the rounds. It is important that you know this. And it is important that you protect your account from it.

So if you are receiving a private message from anyone delegating Steem Power to your account, avoid at all costs. You will also be asked to enter your password or wallet key into a form.

It's a fake form designed to steal your account.

Never. Fill. It.

And if you do? You lose your Steemit account. Your funds. And your sleep.

This Is A Clever Scam

Because our scammer, blinded by greed, is impersonating someone. In my case, the scammer signed up with the username of a whale.

He used @michael-b as his username. And Michael is powerful.


But Michael is not on Steemit.chat or Discord, opening the doors to scam wide open.

Then, after signing up on Steemit Chat, he sent me a message to delegate a portion of his Steem Power to my account. He knows I am Indian. Perhaps he saw my profile.


At this point, in between conversation, I was trying to verify if he is the real Michael. Because, quite honestly, I couldn't ask him.

Then he drops that link.

And that link points to a website with a form:


No one has delegated me Steem Power before. So I didn't know if this form was real or fake. Yet something surely didn't seem right.

So I messaged @rahul.stan and @acidyo to double-check. And Acidyo quickly replies:


So when I knew anyone can delegate power through Busy / client, I decided to message Michael back... only to find him gone.

I couldn't message him anymore. And I thought he blocked me.

Then comes another account.

And this one is skillfully named delegate-support.


Delegate-support was waiting for me to fill those details. He says he didn't block me. He, in fact, deleted his account. All this already screamed scam to me.

Yet I played along.

It looked like he is very close to Ned (CEO of Steemit). 😂


Then he deleted his account again.

When, in reality, it was @Pfunk who did it.

Acidyo messaged him these accounts and Pfunk immediately disabled them.


I wasn't the only target. In fact, our scammer messaged a bunch of us. I took the lead to inform them.


For now, he has been silenced. Not forever. Maybe there are a bunch of them out there. And these bunch are pulling such dirty tricks on other good users.

So it's important to educate and inform everyone. Your Steemit account is important to you. And I request everyone of you to be extra-careful when it comes to sharing your password or wallet keys with anyone.

Or any website.



Account @michael-b belongs to Steemit Inc developer Michael. He wasn't the one messaging us. Thanks to @Donkeypong for investigating this.


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Anyone using phishing links on steemit.chat needs to be reported to me, @firepower, and @riverhead immediately. Please send a PM to all three with screenshot(s) if possible. Thank you.


As an aside, if you have any phishing sites targeting Steem users, ping me on chat with the URL's. I can usually get them dealt with pretty quickly if made aware of them, and they also can provide useful intelligence data for trying to detect and stop future scams.


the bank that you bank with ! genius


Great fonejacker clip!! :-D



He tried to steal my account too by using that phising link, luckily i did not give my password everyone :D


scary... it's a good job you guys know what you're doing and my wallet isn't worth stealing (yet) ! Judge Dredd would sort this out with instantly dispensed justice


Yeah, it's probably not a good idea to click on a link that goes outside of Steemit.

Greetings Sidwrites! To be able to receive the 2k SP from my OCD project I'm going to need you to visit https://thisisdefinitelynotascamtrustmei'madoctor.net/phdinrocketscience and fill in your name, address and date of birth followed by your private key and the year you think/hope you might lose your virginity. Don't ask why, don't even give it a second thought or ask anyone if this is legit, just don't do it, I'll know if you do. Also please change your shirt, its almost making me puke while I'm riding this cow watching you through binoculars while you keep watching a compilation of Sarahrie's covers.


Epic one 😁😁




I can't stop laughing 😂😂


LOL! the most epic comment on steemit!


Most epic comment on sid's post, this should be on his profile forever.




Sounds legit


Some people are brand new to steemit and cc..


Comment of the century LOL

Scams, scams everywhere, but not a drop to drink.

Really appreciate the share. So unfortunate when people play on other's desires to succeed.



Ah! The rhyme! Its my favourite poem!

Thanks for this! I feel we will always need to be reminding people to think about security first. Great work!

HOly cow! This is scary! Thanks for the update.

wow. Unbelievable how scammers figure this out, and try to rip people off. Well done for being alert. And job good for warning other people. I'm resteeeming this so others know. Thanks

Thank you @sidwrites for the heads up!
every where on the world have bad people like to kidding another.

Thanks a thousand times for this precious piece of information everyone should be aware of. All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

  ·  5년 전

More simply do not enter your WIF anywhere unless it's Steemit.com or Steemconnect.com


Bingo! Good call.

Thanks for letting us know about this! I've been phished out of $20 before on the Darknet, but that was my mistake. But now that I think about it.. my $20 back then in BTC probably is like $40 today :P SCREW all the fucking scammers that try that shit. I've been paranoid about my Steemit account since day 1!

Thanks for the heads up! Do not EVER enter sensitive information from a complete stranger on an unsecure form dropped in a chat message. Ever . . .

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Wow what a clever little rascal. I also got a private message on on Dischord saying I was selected for something but I never responded or opened it. I'm scared as hell when I see unsolicited private messages on a crypto website.

Thanks again for the heads up!

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Thanks for sharing this scam with us! I bet we will be seeing more of these types of scams in the future once Steemit grows even bigger, so making informative posts about the scams is a really good strategy to prevent people from falling for them :)

zappl warning too!

Wow! Thanks for the heads up!

Thanks so much for this warning! Why can't people accept the gift of Steemit. Why do they have to be greedy and still want more and more...

great post and job ! Informing everyone !! Yes I was messaged by him , but then it disappeared so I never even responded ! Unbelievable !! I was also informed in steemit chat messaging about this guy ! Hate losers like this !! Keep up the great work !👍👍👍


If he/she could only use that account properly, he could be rewarded. The skills like that has value in a platform and could be earning good rewards. This is a problem with people who could not be satisfied of what they have.


yes for sure ! 👍

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thanks for posting this "heads-up" scam alert, resteemed it as well! The following post is also a great guide to better understand STEEMIT's Permission Keys and how important it is to "protect" them at all costs: "Everything you need to know about Steemit's Permission Keys".

Wow, thanks for sharing. I'm new & pretty much learning as I go & this helps a-lot, just resteemed & upvoted, thanks again.

Thanks for the Warning I will resteem this immediately to spread the word thanks.

  ·  5년 전

New follower here. Excellent post! Thank you @pfunk and @sidwrites for looking out for the community.

Keep up the good work!


Thank you for the heads up!

Ridiculous that people think they can get away with this crap!

Thanks for the warning!

Good to know, thank you very much!

I'll resteem this. So will @goodguygreg. This kind of scam alert post is important!

Anyone intentionally 'phishing' is committing a crime under law in many countries, and all the evidence is forever embedded in the STEEM Blockchain, this criminal activity should be be reported to police.
Great work investigating this, I am sure it will help a great many if they see it. (a resteem will raise the visibility of this important post)

Thank you for your diligence and efforts. They make the community better for all. Followed

It's actually sad that when the whole community is working toward a better future for Steemit and helping new people find a place, one selfish person wants to ruin another person's life on Steemit and pull our beloved community backwards.

Thank you so much for posting this. And for taking action against that person. Your actions could have saved many people now and in the future.

Great article. Thanks for the heads up.

  ·  5년 전

Thanks for the warning @sidwrites!! As a new Steemian I don't have much to be scammed out of, but who knows where this journey will take me... this info may come in handy one day, and it's good to know how things work early instead of learning the hard and costly way. Much appreciated!!

Thanks for informing the community about this, the greed and the scammers are getting a little crazy.

I won't anyone would share their password and wallet keys to other, right??? That's the basic security knowledge to prevent hacked by other!

Broken english should be a giant red flag.

Thank you for sharing this important information!

well done sidwrites keep your eyes open

Thanx a lot

OMG. Those scammers try it everywhere. Thanks for your warning

Thanks for the heads up

Stay vigilant!

Thanks for the heads up!

Wow, that's sneaky. Thanks for keeping us sharp. I just got signed up, and I'd hate to get scammed before I even started!

That's scary Sid. Have to be careful!

I'm glad for you that you didn't lose your account.
Thank you for this post!

Thank you for sharing. Well presented information.

Thank you so much Sid, this is really help full for a community that is growing so fast and so much. It's so sad that people still want to still from each other when they can actually have limitless possibilities in such platform.

Thanks again man!

Wow, great eye @sidwrites - thank you for catching this and informing everyone. As a fairly new dood on the block, I constantly see solicitations to join this, that or the other and may have assumed this was just yet one more Steemit 'tool' to guide me out of minnow-land!

Wow. Good thing you followed your instinct to ask someone. Thank you for this!

Thanks for raising awareness of this scam @sidwrites. It's really sad that there are people joining Steemit who have to go to these lengths just to earn money instead of the tried and tested approach of working hard and earning well with experience. Good thing we have a handy little flagging feature that will ensure that all of these scammers will be driven out of here in no time!

As others have said, thanks for the heads up!

Yes Thank you so much for putting a light on this. It helps out the community a LOT. I am always careful,but sometimes the way they word things,you just never know. Peace! upvoted and followed.

Great job documenting this and waring everyone! I hate scammy rat bastards like whoever this was.

WOWS, thanks for this info - thats a little scary lol

Definitely resteemed this to get the word out to everyone I know. I can't believe how gullible these folks think we are. I know we're an on-boarding platform for crypto, but come on.

Thanks for giving everyone a good warning. Don't share your password with strangers.

Thanks, catching up on your posts now and saw this. Good to know, i will wait a while before I try to scam you ;-)

Wow, so close to disaster!! I'm so glad you were able to avoid falling into that mess. Very important for everyone to see.

Thanks for the Info Sid! Real helpful! Upvoted!

  ·  5년 전

Thanks for the heads up on this. Great work and article.

As Steemit gains more popularity and exposure more attempts like is are very likely to be seen. Messages like this warning others is crucial. Followed. Glad to have more good sets of eyes looking out for this kind of crap.

@sidewrites :)) Thank you for the New update :)) I upvoted and also Re-steemed for you :)

Thanks for the heads up!

Thank you very much!

As a newcomer, I am the perfect prey so post like this are really helpful.


Thank you for sharing this information/story with us. I am new here and this is very useful information! Best of luck to you.

Thank you for posting about this to inform other users. And thanks to @pfunk and @acidyo for their efforts as well.

Holy jeez, glad you didn't get scammed and thanks for sharing this!


P.S. - @sidwrites, resteemed from both my accts to get the word out! Thanks again.

i wish i got upvote on every post from such people

Wow thx for the warning. This strategy of the scammer is really dangerous because not many of us got delegated Steem Power. So we don't really know how the first transaction looks like.

This is the one thing , that is the biggest threat to cryptocoins. In the end, when people have to choose between control over their money, having a lot of it or security of their money, they'll choose security. And although banks control your money, they also give some sort of security. I once accidentally transfer quite a bit of money to the wrong person, but, one call to the bank and it was returned in a day. That's the easy of mind people want, if history taught us anything security is more valued then progress. So as long as hacking, scamming and loss of cryptos is not handled, they will stay a niche product. And in all whitepapers this is not addressed .... it's just: Keep your private key safe! Well duh ... it's just that it is a very easy thing to say, but a VERY difficult thing to do. Many many a tear will flow in the coming years. I hope it all works out though ... because cryptos are awesome!

Thank you for warning us!

Thanks for warning all of us! Appreciate.

Thank for posting this ,sidwrites!

Scam is all over the internet!
We need to stay alert!

@sidwrites, gracias por la info.! reesteem.

Thank you for the info

This needs to stay hot.

I dont really fully understand steemit so i dont think i would get scammed and i have no money ahaha

thanks for the heads up

These scammers need to called out every single one them!
Good job @sidwrites, and good to hear you didn't fall for it.
This community is so awesome at helping each other, good job and hats of to those who helped here :)

Thanks for sharing this information. I'm resteeming your article so others may see.

Re steemit!

There are just so many scammers these days.

Gotta be careful.

Wow! This is just disgusting. Thanks for the info as scammers are the worst. I had to change my cell number because I kept getting calls and text messages from scammers at all hours of the day and night. I guess no society is a utopia. Nonetheless, I still enjoy it here and hope that people of the sort are weeded out quicker.

Thanks for the heads up @sidwrites!

oh man. Thanx for sharing in details how this happened and where it took place at.

Oh man!!! You must be so thankful for your friend Acidyo saving you from that hack! How crazy, I didn't realise that kind of stuff would happen on here. Thanks so much for sharing your experience as a warning 😇

Glad you caught this. I have been ripped off before (by a landlord) and it feels terrible.

Thanks for the post, @sidwrites!

Wow are you serious, Already? This scammer in this world should be a shame of themselves and should be kicked out of society

@acidyo Well done! Quickly responds

Awful! So happy I read this! Hope this doesn't hurt anyone!

Upvoted and resteemed :-)

Oh my goodness!!! As a new member this is good to know, thank you so much for sharing this!! That is crazy!! What asshats!!

Thank you for your information. 👍

Some mothers children... seriously!! So shocking! Grrrr!

Good job trusting your instincts and stopping to ask questions, even though it was new to you. I narrowly avoided a cashier's check scam once because I was lucky enough to listen to that nagging doubt at the end.

Wow -- as Steemit grows into mainstream size, it will be such a challenge to stay on top of problems like this. I hope we all can keep up and spot the scams in time. Nice work by all involved! Thanks!

Thanks for warning us. I think there are people who are always looking for opportunities to ruin good programs but thankfully Steemit is very good at protecting scams.

  ·  5년 전

That's why I don't use chat boxes. He probably got a few people already. Good job.

cause for concern......... anytime anyone asks for codes. passwords, account information, ect. Take a deep breath, then don't comply.
whether its your banking info, crypto, info, or personal info.
Exercise caution when you initiate transactions, and request for info is always a huge Red Flag.

Also extreme caution toward opening links

Clever scam. Thanks for the warning.

so there s scamers even in steemit i thought it has verry good security anyway i m new and this is my first day in steemit so thanks for this post

If people would spend less time scamming, and more time writing their own blog or curating content on steemit, they could earn a lot of money legitimately. So silly...


Yeah. I just dont understand why there are people who wanted to earn money in the wrong way when they can earn more in the proper way. Of course theres no magic in it, we extend effort and time. Maybe thats the problem, they wanted to earn it easily.

@sidwrites goodone upvoted and i have real discord channel link how to set up keep your followers directed to this link so they avoid any scam thanks


Thank you for this. I literally just got started with my account and I already see a warning to protect my account.

thank you for good posting

Great post! this is good info. I'll be very weary from now on!

Thanks for the heads up. Nice work!

Anything to make a quick buck...SMH

Thanks for this info, it will help prevent scam.

For people who don't know much about computers except how to run them, follow tutorials in plain English and how to use basic html, this is the sort of thing that makes you feel like not going any further than steemit.com. As Steemit grows bigger that's something to consider, that many people here have a lot of tech knowledge but many others don't. We could use more info geared to low computer knowledge users, especially to help us avoid the pitfalls and traps.

Thank you for let us know. I resteem it.

Thank you for sharing!
I guess we all have to watch out for this and protect our own account.
Thanks again :)

Every time I turn around these days, someone is trying to scam someone else. Sad.

WOW...this is good info .

It's really really important information. We need to know it and aware it.
Thank you for your posting.

Thanks for the warning!

This picture is really wowsome. This picture will be the greatest reward to Steemit. Your artistic task is amazing. This Picture and writing is fine work........This will be starts a new trend in Steemit....

thank you for sharing this information; there is more and more people like Michael and should be more and more people like you to fight them

great work pfunk and acidyo! thanks for sharing


how used Steemit Chat ?( @sidwrites @pfunk

Thanks for the info. As a newbie this is good to know as there is a bit of a steep learning curve here. I've resteemed this and look forward to seeing your posts in the future.

Thank you I am still new and wont even know if I was being scammed.

good to know. I have nothing to steal yet but still.

Sucky that there are scams out there , but there will be more. Never answer anything on your phone or email that looks suspicious.

Hi there @sidwrites, thanks for the scammer-warning. Gave you a tip resteemed and followed

omg this is so bad!! thanks for finding this out!! great job @pfunk and everyone involved to stop this!!! Hopefully nobody was actually gullible enough to give their details! As the platform grows, there will be more scammers. Yesterday someone just copied my post and posted as their own - pure plagiarism. Thanks to all the big guys for sorting this out to keep the platform safe!

Good job, Steem-Police!

Fantastic job dude! Well done!

Thanks for sharing man! Good job.

Holy crap. This is scary. Some people are always up to no good. I'll be more guarded from here on.

Upvoted and resteemed. Thank you!

Very helpfull I'm new to steemit so this is valuable information for me

Thanks for the heads-up - more of that shit will come the more people interested in money are joining - that is natural but we need to fight against it

Thanks for informing us about this scam

Followed u.hope u too :)

Thanks for caring and posting this warning! I hope steemit will not be infected by these frauders! Great job warning us!

upvoted you and its great to read all your posts because it adds a great skills and knowledge in myself, already followed you and inspired from your posts, hope that you also follow me back so that it will be a great pleasure for me and a big contribution from ur side for me , thanks kindly follow me aswell @shanzaylizay

thanks for the warning

Hello friend, thanks for this post, alert us all to be careful not to fall into this scam, you would allow me to publish it in Spanish I consider that Spanish speakers should take caution regarding

Treat your Steemit account like a bitcoin wallet, well because it IS a wallet!

Thanks Sid!!! Good job...RS'd!

upvoted you and its great to read all your posts because it adds a great skills and knowledge in myself, already followed you and inspired from your posts, hope that you also follow me back so that it will be a great pleasure for me and a big contribution from ur side for me , thanks kindly follow me aswell @shanzaylizay

Thanks for the warning. 👍

Thanks for sharing!

thanks for the info

thanks for the valuable info

dam scammers lol

Thanks for the heads up! They might try to do a thorough background on their victims if this is their trial run. Damn scammers!

Thanks for being on the lookout!

Great post..my dear friend...Such a awareness and warning post help for newbie like us who doesn't know much about the steemit & they believe such man and became the victim...

Upvoted & followed
Be alert and keep calm & steem on ...

Thank you for sharing about your experience and informing us.

Thanks sidwrites - I also received a similar email for which I deleted immediately.

thanks for the usefull info

Dhanyavaad. I am very grateful Jee. I hope to return this favour. I have resteemed. And will do that with any warning.

Wow thanks for the heads up!

  ·  5년 전

Yikes, thanks for the heads up on this. I just joined Steemit and am super excited about it but wouldn't want to get scammed here. I'll look out for that.

this is the first I heard of this ..resteeming and upvoting .. glad there are people out there looking out for us and you were smart enough not to fall for this. :)

Thank you for the heads up! We should pin this post!

good post, you are doing good thing spreading this news.
thank u...upvoted and resteemed....followed as well

thanks for educating us , especially new bee like me. In future i will be more vigilant and careful. Thanks and keep up the best posting so we can be guided. Regards

Thanks for heads up. Also resteemed it so newer folks get warned!

@sidwrites well i keep my coins under my pillow so no chance anyone s stealing it 😂😂
Anyway usefull info upvoted resteem and comment done now ur turn

Thanks for the warning! Upvoted and Resteemed

Hey @sidwrites, nice post. I'm a new member and only just got started here. It would be awesome if you would check out my blog and click follow if my content interests you. Thanks!

thanks for the info...

I am a newbie so this is totally new to me. But thanks for the heads up.
upvoted and resteemed

Thanks for letting us know about this. It's really good info. Scammers are always out there

thanks for the heads up

  ·  5년 전

Proper sneaky :-0

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Thanks for this warning. Its a big help for us, for anybody. Its good to be safe all the time.

He must have had it well thought out from a while back, because I,ve read it's taking quite a while to set up a new Steemit account.

Be careful in the chat it is possible to hack a account by keylogger. so should not click any other links. Thanks for the info. upvote and follow

Thanks for the info because i am new to steemit ☺ @sidwrites

Thank you for sharing this. Most new people wont know how everything works and can easily fall for this scam.

Good looking out. Excellent info!

Wow thanks for getting the word out. I never even considered this

Scary scams out there. Thanks for the great info as always !

whoaa, thanks for keeping us in the loop! better safe than sorry 💃🏻

Why wont this let me resteem it?

thanks a lot for this info! new follower+upvoted!

Thanks! (Also made me check out SteemChat)

I've noticed there's a lot of topics and questions that keep coming up and many of them are essential and very important.

There needs to be a very obvious location where the links to these posts are kept. Misinformation or out of date information are too common and current/clear answers to simple questions are too difficult to find.

You shouldn't need to go digging for such important information. It needs to be explained IN PLAIN ENGLISH Steemit is meant to attract the non-techy individual that's interested in social media, it will never get the kind of attention it needs to be as big as it aspires to be until it it can pull in that crowd.

What will hold someone back from using Steemit to share their content with their followers/fans is the extent that it doesn't put off the least techy part of their audience. If someone has 100,000 followers on Twitter but only 100 are capable or interested in figuring out using Steemit, then they'll have much less interest in using the platform.