Today I Powered-UP To Triple Dolphin 15000-SP 24/11/2020

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I have now been on for over 4 years and 2 months, when I first started on here I spent nearly 2 months learning about how everything worked, you have to remember that back then there was a lot less information on how the blockchain functioned but now if you simply go to the FAQ section you can get a good understanding of it.

Once I figured out how most of this new blockchain technology all came together and the enormous opportunity Steem brings I just knew I wanted to be part of this project regardless of the many people now not seeing it's potential or just how fun it can be.

I mean really what can I say except I was hooked and wont deny.. I still am!

I also believe a lot in having goals, it gives you something to look forward to, something to be proud of, and during my very early days it quickly became a goal of mine that I wanted to reach and become a Steem powered dolphin.

At first it seemed like a reasonable but still very tough long term commitment and goal.
I always knew it would take a lot of time.. but honestly I never thought it would take as long as it did the first time round lol.
But this is also because many things have changed on the blockchain since back in the early days when I first started.

I think one of the saddest change's was the whales no longer.. "or atleast rarely voting" on content, this was because firstly they didn't feel people were locking-away enough of their SteemPower to preserve it's value which is understandable "but hey whales you know you could of voted on me I never powered down once since day 1 for like over 4 years lol" but secondly they discovered they could just delegate to bot's and I don't mean like a voting bot but instead a bidding bot as this in turn would be saving them a ton of time from curating.

Well the bidding bots are now mostly gone but trust me guys when I say it used to be a lot of fun around here when whales were more active, there was a big initiative to write something interesting everyday incase a whale might enjoy it for whatever reason and upvote your work.
While these days you either have to be part of some inner circle, a community of some sorts or to be taking part in a contest, most of these all want specific things or rules which I feel ruins some of the freedom and creativity for some content creators.

Anyway moving on to the point of this post, its to announce that there is a new Triple Dolphin in the block, yup I have now finally reached the 15000 SP mark needed for that.

Ridiculous Silly Dolphin Hat

DSCF0641__2_-rmvg (1).png

Images By @simonjay

Yea I had no idea that such a hat even existed until a friend of mine came to me with this silly hat as a gift.

She told me that I waffled often "about this weird being a dolphin thing" and so she thought of me when she saw this hat. Apparently the store was having a clear out, and so selling them dirty cheap, so she brought one of these soon to be dumped hats as nobody was buying the fish hats?

I mean I can't think of why not?... lol

Anyway I already had a few people ask me if I was going to power down any SP earned once I reach this point? And the answer is... NO.

N ne NO giphy.gif

I have always wanted to be a dolphin and well now a Triple Dolphin, but I wanted to get here because it gives me the opportunity to give more back to those who have helped me reach this far and to of course those who have supported me in the past or are long time followers.

But not only that it gives me more SP to play with and so when I do find any posts that I enjoy and upvote hopefully this time round the author will receive abit more then 1 pence.
With more SP a vote can add more value to your created content but I cant do it without your support so please continue supporting the strength of this account as I have no interest in powering down from Triple Dolphin.

Anyway of course the next question I got asked was "What will I do next considering I have now reached one of my bigger long time goals on Steemit?"

Well I thought about the common next big goal "when it comes to SP" which is of course the road to Orca.
But I think for this dolphin making it's way towards Orca right now might be pretty extreme and I would get demotivated along that very very long road.
But while in my mind I do feel it maybe reasonable or possible to reach Orca during my lifetime depending how things go it could be still a very difficult road up ahead.

"pssst! what about whale?"

Whale I feel is impossible for me personally, unless the Steem price did dramatically fall again to a really low price for heck knows what reason, or there was a sudden huge amount of support each and everyday from whales.
So heck no, forget whale not going to happen as I don't see either of those 2 scenarios happening.

And so it is done? The journey's end?

End No The Journey Does Not End Here giphy.gif

The end? No the journey does not end here as my new quest from today now begins, my new quest will be becoming a "Quad Dolphin"
Which means this time round getting to 20000-SP! which I feel will still be possible for me to achieve at some point in the future.

But I will initially start with getting the next dolphin badge first which requires 17500 SP and then make my way to Quad Dolphin with 20000 SP

I would like to reach Quad Dolphin by sometime in June of 2021 while this is basically impossible by my calculations as of right now, but it as been done before. This was of course thanks to the "Steemit Diary Game Season 1 and Season 2" which I took part in and also because of some whales upvotes here and there, if I can basically earn a few whale upvotes along the way then it might just be possible to reach 20000sp by June 2021 .

So yeah guys hop-on-aboard this new Triple Dolphin powered ship and join me on my quest to Quadruple it's power, and heck if you stick around long enough I'm sure you will get rewarded along the way just like many of my followers have already earned $.

To get us all started in the right way any %100 powered-up vote's or SBI's to get us onto a real flying start is much appreciated, this post will also once again be %100 powered-up with it's received rewards method, I also will be buying some more STEEM soon for another power-up but for now I will buy and power-up atleast another 30SP to celebrate and help push for this goal.

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Our Ship Is Now Triple Dolphin Powered

Triple Powered Dolphin.gif


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Also since votes don't always = $ and you if want to see more you can send me Steem Power Tips to @simonjay to help support me along with the value of the STEEM currency as I have not powered-down once in 4 years.

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Done. The price will increase because I will it so for the good of everyone! :)


Thank you so much!

Price to continue to increase in next 22 hours, me at home today as i woke up feeling average.

Nice to see triple dolphin status for you - steem on


Thank you kiwi-crypto glad you are feeling better now, I'm very happy to reach the triple dolphin status and yet we steem on forwards for even more.

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November 24, 2020... 19.0 Hollywood Time...


Thanks for the support pocket-change.


My Posts are much Better than my Support...
November 26, 2020... 10.9 Hollywood Time...


I think you speak for how most people feel on the chain here.


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Congratulations on Triple Dolphin.

Great hat !


Thank you very much steemcurator01 I guess it was nice that there is still some use to get out of these hats for Steemians at least haha, but yes I'm very happy to reach Triple Dolphin, I now brought and added another 50 steem and will be buying more soon and moving forward as I mention it all on my updated post here: