Buy The Steem Dip! It's good with chips, so I'm giving a chip away. Details Enclosed.

2년 전

What's up everybody.

To be honest, one thing that isn't up is the price of steem lately, but hang in there, right? That's what I'm doing, for now.

Let's look for the silving lining...

or in this case, the .999 fine silver plated zinc or whatever this thing is made of:


Wanna win it? You know you wanna...

So here is what you have to do:
(And yes I will check on the winner having done the things, so make sure you do all the things...)

First, Follow and Such:

  1. Upvote and Resteem this post.
  2. Follow @Noblewitness blog

Next comment and such:

  1. Comment with a positive reason to keep on steeming on this post.
  2. ALSO Introduce us to your favorite steemian, with a short intro and a link to their latest still active post.
  3. ALSO optional, "but it'll help" Introduce yourself, and include your own latest still active blog link.


I'm going to have to ship this to you, so that needs to be both feasible and possible.

I will need your address. I surmise the name could be your screen name or fake, but the address must be real. We'll see, but it's a thing. Consider it. And this is only if you win, that is.

Get to it peeps, who are we and why are we here?

I'm here because I've invested thousands of hours and gained in dozens of ways. I see a future ahead, either cloudy or platinum, but definitely a future ahead for a while more anyway. I'm still in, and buying the dip.

Are you?

As soon as this post finishes it's 7 day run, I'll pick the winner from all the entries, do all the things, and make me believe you love this place, and we'll see. We'll just see. Capiche? Good. Now get to doing the things...


May the silver encrusted zinc metal steem chip fall where it may.


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hey corky!! great contest and i need dat!!

  • u/v, resteemed, commenting, voting for noblewitness, followed blog

one of my new steemit loves is a good friend of mine @dickienature, i brought him to steemiit during HF20, took us two weeks and he’s a plankton. he is an artist, nature photographer and very active on instagram and in an ecological society. his photography is amazing, check it out here:

as far as me? well i am eagle spirit, you may have seen me engage your posts for the past 11 months, my writing, or partcipating in numerous discord channels. i am the creator of #freedomfriday, #medicinecardmonday and Red Radio. i’ve been one of the top engagers in abh12345 and helpie’s engagement lists. currently, i sponsor 6 planktons to assist in staying on the platform, a mod for freedom tribe, chibera, steemspeak and thealliance. here are a couple of my latest posts:

there are many reasons to keep steeming and some reasons include; to be a part of a good community, a place to learn how to blog and grow as a writer, and this will one day be a great investment. steemit is only in BETA as a platform and growing day by day. smts will be here shortly expanding steemit in so many ways that include monetary gain and possibly an entirely new currency as opposed to fiat that takes mainstream.

Your giving a con representing Steemit is encouraging because of the engagement, community and giving nature so prevalent on Steemit. You are continuing on with the tradition of giving that i have seen since day 1 on this platform. thank you!!

if it is one thing i have seen time and time again is that participation and engagement is key if one wishes to succeed here. when we pull together we see miracles happen. steem on!!

eagle spirit


you got a 69'r...enjoy :)
oh noes, the I am a bottom now
.......... well Steem On and Live the Crypto Dream folks, Jeeves is waxing the lambos and making fancy nom noms


69er? i see 34 ... i gotchoo for 100, and thank you for the support!!


nope, you got a 69 and 100, don't complain
that is my job sugar booger


not plainin :) thanks again!!


or silver plated...ohhh yeahhh, lmfao
like the style this is in though as the plating of something is the underlying theme on most of the horseshit
Happppy Sunday, Funday
b to the a


silver plated haha but its stilll is cuteeee 😛


Team Good Alpaca loves this post! Nomnomnomnom!
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just hit this up for 75 sp 👆🏽👆🏽👆🏽


Yay thanks! I'll update the thingy as soon as I'm done being frustrated at this poker table. LOL


thank you miryam!! 🤗💜


gotchoo for 100 on the hamster LOL
those eyes tho

I’m hodling until the end, I have a feeling steem will flatten out around this price for a long time along with the rest of the market. I’m prepared to wait though :))

First of all, I LOVE that you're encouraging positivity even as we trudge through the long lows of the crypto market! I have faith that it will go up, and that belief is based on my experiences.

I blog here because it is by far the best platform I've found for expressing myself creatively and actually finding an audience. The engagement and community encouragement has been nothing short of transformational for me as a musician and a human being. Thanks for being part of that, my friend.

I also see what Steem is capable of doing, and how it's being used as a worldwide currency. Though its potential is far greater than what we're seeing now, I see the blockchain evolving, and I know in time it will be more valuable both monetarily and for its many uses.

Now to feature a few of my favourite Steem peeps (you know I'm not going to choose just one):

I adore Aishlinn, aka @trucklife-family. She is constantly inspiring me, reminding me to love myself, and helping me think outside the boundaries of conditioning beliefs. Her last Freedom Friday post, Free to Love, Free to Be hit me right in the feels in the best way.

@zen-art is another who encourages me to boldly be who I am, and makes me glow with her sweet comments. This post was especially impactful for me: Let it Go

One more. @xcountytravelers are a couple (Ren and Scott) who write excellent travel blogs, but also do a wonderful series of posts highlighting new Steem users' introduce me posts. Check out some new peeps and give them a comment on the Have you met posts.

Okay, so obviously I don't follow directions very well. You're lucky I stopped at three people. ;)

About me:

I'm a free spirit doing the mommy thing, tucked into the mountains in BC, Canada. Music and writing are like breathing to me, though I do some deep breathing as well in my own yoga practice.

Deep breaths are good. Have you taken one lately?

My latest post is about Radical Self Love, and in it I mention quite a few instances where reading the blog posts of others has helped me process very personal things.

This is yet another example of why this blockchain has become so much more to me than a possible source of income and publicity as a musician and author—it has become a lifeline to a global community that has changed my life. 💞 Steem on!

I think we should keep Steeming because we are Steemians. When we started here, we all had our various reasons. Probably for most, it was the potential money. Some of us have made quite a bit. Others of us are still struggling. Many of us are now holding bags of a ton of undervalued currency that we can't spend without dire consequences considering it's likely future value. So why quit now? We're just getting started. Steem is now in our blood. It's part of who we are. Would you cut off your arm or your leg? We can't just stop Steeming. We think about what to post every day. It's a part of us.

I guess my favourite active Steemian would be @agnikana. She writes some really amazing things occasionally. Currently she hasn't been posting as much due to internet issues. Hopefully they manage to fix it sometime soon, but her country, Venezuela, is going through some difficult times currently. She does have one post that is still active though.

It's a story about a succubus...with a bit of a twist.

As for myself, @geekpowered, I'm a geek! I post about various geeky things. I'm a programmer and web dev that basically spends all his time researching things, so all sorts of things can end up in my feed. I also enjoy writing fiction, and plan on eventually finishing off the sci-fi novel I've written here, and starting on the next in the series.

Ironically, my latest post is about why we keep Steeming, and how it's in our blood now. It's a freewrite, so it goes a bit off the wall.


Why are you so fckng cute

This is a pretty cool contest and I'm happy it's giving me the opportunity to express myself for the best. I believe in reality, I believe in nature and I believe in truth.
I joined Steemit in March this year and over time I have really had hard times and good moments too. I have learnt a lot and have worked for who I am and who I have always wanted to be.
It wasn't easy for me to cope on this platform considering the discussions I saw on the different Steemit whatsapp and discord groups which I belonged to.For instance

  • I became afraid and a little biased when I heard that whales upvote only whales
  • If you don't have money to buy Steem to power up, you will be having little or no entries and income from every of your post.
  • Steemit is best enjoyed if you know how to spam whales with your comments.
  • You can make it only if you enroll in a contest without revealing your true nature.
  • Finally the one that got me yelling was that you could spend days making a quality post and someone will flag it just to gain popularity.


Just a few weeks on this platform I discovered a reason to be happy and advice people to keep steeming. And this same reason is why I ended up onboarding over 120 newbies in the last three months through a whatsapp group I created called Screenshot_20181027-200637.png

on steeming and never relent.

  • That reason came to reality when I met my best steemian Mr. Terry @surpassinggoogle on steemgigs discord server. He is a Nigerian who lives in Philippines. I saw his trending post on my feed one Friday evening, I read it because I was amazed at the perfect arrangement of his markdown styles and Bulkiness of his post. So I read every bit of it and the more I read the more I want to know more. I saw he had a talkshow the next day so I quickly joined his discord server @steemgigs.
    Below is a link to his most recent blog post

What I learnt from my best steemian @surpassinggoogle that kept me steeming.

  • He told us that he grew on Steemit just by making quality post and not buying steem.
  • He also made me to understand that I didn't have to spam whales to get upvotes but that the quality of my post will surely bring them close along to follow and curate my creativity.
  • He said it was best to be the real U in yourself and then he introduced @ulog to us.
  • Finally he surprised us all on the discord chat when he said thet he has never flagged someone because he saw it as unimportant and discouraging.This is because most Victims of flagging are newbies still learning to understand the platform.
    He totally made me to understand that I should treat Steemit as One of the things that made me catch fun and not necessarily for the reward and that is why if you visit my blog today, you will see that I post majorly Comedy and that makes me happy and keeps me going.

I quickly got encouraged by this discord talkshow and yearned for more.
That was how I became a member of @backtoscjool community, joined @stach on discord and @steemjet #footballcommittee and @wafrica.Giving my self in to anything that will make me happy and later resolved to unboarding new steemians even with my low steem power.

But recently I have to obey the clarion call of my country and therefore I'm currently running a compulsory one year service called NYSC, you can check it out too online,i studied Biochemistry and it's mandatory for all high institution graduates here to dedicate one year to serve her country after which u can get employed, though I have a little sole proprietor shop.And that is why I have not been constant with making new post but I visit people's blogs and comment and upvote them too.
Below is a link to my current post and it is still about my NYSC service here in Nigeria.

You can visit more of my blog on whaleshares and here

Why I want the silver steem coins of @sircork

I have written much already sir, please bare with me, I'm a comedian too, please catch some fun with this video because I believe Steemit is fun-filled too.

This silver steem coin will be the greatest award of my life and I will handle it as my life. Because it's gonna mean the world to me. There are so many Nigerians on Steemit but I'm going to be a steemian with a difference.Holding the most valued treasure of Steemit before the age of thirty. It will be an added advantage so big to my journey in introducing people to Steemit.All social mediaplatform willhear ofit andeven mylocal TV station which I have visited during my youth and politics talkshow will have another work to broadcast. This time people will not only join Steemit because I told them to but because it can also bring treasures from across the seas. This certificate means a lot to me as I could tender it as an evidence for visa interview in the next Steem first program.
It will simply justify that all my efforts on this platform have been crowned with success by the creator of all things.
Thanks once again @sircork for sharing your benevolence.

Silver-plated zinc...? 😳
Everyone is talking about these Steem "silver" rounds, so I figured they were 999 Fine Silver, not silver-plated. What a disappointment to learn that.


Au contraire'!

There are .99 silver ones, those are marked as such, this one, is not one of those. This is the plankton level version. :)


Ah, that is good to know, then! Thanks for clarifying! 👍


lol kitty!! 😂
yes i have the rounds these are diff, you too cute!!

Hi there, @sircork!

We'd just thought that we would like to remind you that we mentioned you in our most recent blog post mentioning how we recognise your loving and charitable work! More so, how we are upvoting all of your content with the aim of finacnailly supporting you, as it is in line with our mission statement

We thought that it would be important to let you know that we are supporting you, hoping that we could improve our relationship together!

Let us know what you think!



HODL for life! I'm raising and stacking that sp to do more good things for the world. And as well meeting steemians that do martial arts from across the globe.

My favorite steemian? @cannabis-news host RL Reed. Amazing work and I'm hoping he is doing better. He had a hospital stay and wasn't able to be here much.

There are so many dreams here. Many misguided and some doing some big things.

But if we want to make a change this is the place to do that. Haters hate when that happens. And I've picked up a few cowfart believing haters!

But I'm still hanging on!

We keep on Steeming because this is a marathon, not a sprint. We keep on Steeming because this blockchain is solid, because the communities are incredible, and because the future is here.

My favorite Steemian at the moment is @sircork, and no, I wouldn't brownnose a bit. LOLOL!!! Why is Cork my favorite Steemian? Well, the link to his latest post would be a link to this post, so I'll add a link to a post that shows why I trust him. Who else stepped up rally the troops into a win for Netcoins? Not many. Don't look at the payout and think payday, either. Those bots cost money. Why use them? For visibility, so the maximum number of Steemians as possible could see the post and cast their vote for Steem on Netcoins. And we won! That's leadership. Period.

I am @rhondak, proudly one-fourth of the @noblewitness team, co-admin of @thewritersblock, and Director of @tarc. I recuse myself from winning this prize, but had to participate just because I think this is a spectacular idea.


I lost money overall on those bots, but I also knew I would. I won't qualify you with a win here either, but you knew that. That's how integrity rolls. Also, we're teammies and friends. So, there's that. If you want one of these coins, well, watch your mail in the next couple weeks, cause I know where you live already. It's stored in my google maps. :D


That's how integrity rolls.

Yep! That is truth. :-)

the reason anybody is doing something is the dream for a better future.! stick together.
grow together.

WOW i liked this real coin lol

Cannot really see a dip unless you compare it to Fiat which is not meaningful. Rather stable against the bigger coins within some range. Nevertheless I got some more STEEM recently.

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Just bought the dip and became a dolphin today! I believe steem will exponentially grow once SMTs come and the sentiment about crypto changes aka bull run 🙌🏿

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Nice to see a new holdable coinage on steemit!

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This is a great post

Yay, another test for a bot. Sorry about this. Enjoy the upvote though.

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