Steemit: Survival Techniques for Newbie’s

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Hello Beautiful People
Warm greetings from me to all of you, especially the newbie’s on Steemit. I am a newbie too but that newbie who is learning so fast and so decided to give out a little from my own bag of experience
You will agree with me that before you click the sign up button you had this dream list in your mind of exactly how much you can and will earn from Steemit daily, weekly, and even monthly. A friend had told you of how amazing a platform Steemit is and the unlimited earning opportunities that come with it; just like me I believe this burst your bubbles. On signing up you had your eyes on the trending posts, it was so amazing how one person could be packing home $600 Steem dollars from a single post, at this point seeing this live testimony your expectations sky rocket. This must be it! Just it!!

However reality steps in when you made your first post, and leaving the system was something you will never want to do, you want to see how the figures build up, refreshing the PC every two minutes and there the surprise still stares at you 1Hour, 2hours ,3hours gone and there you are at $0.00 Steem dollars. Sometimes with 20 comments and 5upvotes, what is this? You just like me never anticipated this picture but here it is hitting us so hard. Before you give up on Steemit, here are survival techniques you will need:

  1. Get Off The Reward Game: now if you haven’t done this already then this is the time, get off the reward game. It promises huge but also failed to prepare our minds before time that the rewards of Steemit doesn’t come by sudden flight, that Steemit is not a free running goldmine where we can just get rich overnight. So the first thing to do is to discard this reward game, if you had done this, then let’s move on

  2. Understand The Steemit Community: Yes you read that correctly now it is time to learn about this amazing platform, after a careful study of this community I understand that to make it here, we must contribute to the community. That is how rewards come, see Steeemit as a community and build your network follow as much people as you can whose niche attracts you and make them know you are following them. This awareness in turn creates an atmosphere for rewards. I saw a trending post recently that was already on $500 Steem I checked the profile of the author and guess what I find? 14,000 followers and 12,000 following with a profile of this kind packing $500 on a post become a walk and not a run.

  3. Create Good Content: we must not only create good contents, we must improve at it. Now we have created a network, we must feed them with our contents rich contents that will trigger there 100% up vote. Great contents will always bring the reward we seek home!

Before I close the curtain on this post, I am a newbie that is learning fast and my advice is this, Steem will pay you, it might take time but with time the rewards will come.

So let’s make this community a place to be!

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Thank you for taking time to help other newbies in this community. The steemit ecosystem thrives off of newbies who can create quality content


am grateful
you find this post interesting.

greetings my friend!!! How are you doing??


Am fine
Am sorry had been away for a while.
How are you?


I'm fine too. Glad you are ok