200+..................... going to the roof 300+ this week

3년 전

Thank you all for this second a little bit bigger Stone mile I made here!!!!.
At some point in time I thought its all worthless but its just getting more fun, the amount of followers that are following me keeps growing every day.. And the fun thing is I have no clue but i feel honored by all the people that press this butting. And my votes are already 70 cents each on 100% :O Compared to my 100+ blog there i just could make 3 cent votes ^^.

For the people that follow me, I'm not such a good blogger I reckon but the thing I really like to here on Steemit is creating a long discussion n a post. This have made me so far the most money and that is what I enjoy the most.

This reflects me as well in real life. Most of the time the story is for me not so important but more important is what the opinion is of people. And that is what is most of the time try to get out of people.

Further more, coming Sunday I'll keep ongoing with my blog about the travels I made. Last time I continued with my experiences on the Soren Larsen (69 year old sailing yacht) and how the storm treated us. For every one who still want to see this: https://steemit.com/photography/@smappy/into-the-wide-world-3-into-the-storm I even included a video I made.

Thanks and I see you with 300+ followers :D
Keep on Steemin

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+1 to your 300 goal! =D Don't give up!


thanks man :D

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