SMG CURATION DIGEST | Vibrant Health, Reality Checks, Herbal Cocktail, Honey & Comfort Zones!

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Welcome To Today's Selection of Co-Creators From Our Community

7 Pillars of Vibrant Health - An Inspiring Meaning In Life

Author: @eftnow

Curator: @hungryhustle - This Dtube video talks about one of the 7 pillars of vibrant health i.e. An inspiring meaning or purpose in life. It clearly outlines the effectiveness of having a meaning or goal in your life that constantly motivates you to become a better version of yourself. Your will power can support you to come out of any kind of illness. Video is sending a great message with a beautiful background.



Author: @omitaylor

Curator: @kenistyles - Omi is a firecracker! This post could even be seen as a rant, however the sheer truth she delivers within is priceless. The reading is exciting and raw, she lays done some insights and home truths about human behavior on the blockchain. Marking a clear sign that the turning of the tides in the Steem ocean is more like a coming tsunami! Y'all better get ready for this one, incredible post, great references and a wake up call to many "classic steemians".

Instead of worrying about this abuse or that abuse (which is admirable, don't get me wrong) imagine all the REDFISH you could have upvoted with that energy, how many posts you could have made with that energy.


Herbal Magic & Mommy's Eco-Herbal-Cocktail

Author: @artemislives

Curator: @hungryhustle - This Blog post features a jazzy cocktail which is totally herbal. Made up from ginger, lemon and anchan flowers, it seems quite refreshing to beat the heat any day. And the purple color makes it even more sexy.


To Honey or Not to Honey & The Importance of Bees

Author: @iamjamie

Curator: @hungryhustle - This post is inspired by the Bee Movie that has a great message at the end. It talks about the value of Bees in our lives and if extracting honey from Beehives is actually harming Bees or not. A few bad actors of society actually exploit these lovely creatures to make more profit but this shouldn't happen.


Step Out of Your Comfort Zone in Order to GROW!

Author: @rainbowrachel

Curator: @kenistyles - Loved getting to know Rachel, one of our newest members and being inspired by her ongoing transformation story! So many don't dare to chase their dreams, maybe thinking about living for passion yet never stepping out that comfort zone to take action. Rachel invites us to know thyself, find fulfillment, expand, experience and grow beyond our limitations. That's my take away from this read and I'm sure you will feel her vibe too!


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😍 I love this curation digest: well done, guys! 🤙🏾

A standing ovation to the first SMG curation digest!! Wooooo Hooooo!! And the privilege of being featured in it!! :) Resteemed!

Great to see this - it's going to be really exciting to see how it progresses!

Thank you so much for including me in this digest. I will take the time to make sure I've engaged the others. Such a wonderful job with this account as well. This is really exciting!

Happy to see @smg's first curation digest rolling. More work for you @kenistyles. :-D This community has changed my life and I am committed to grow together which each of you. :-) Cheers!

Saying this on behalf of @sugandhaseth as well. :-D Thanks for all the love you have been giving to her.

Yes! It's a community effort so thanks to you ALL too!! 😝