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I must apologize up front for this being only my second original post. I don't interact on social media very often normally, and prefer to stay in the background. I realize this isn't going to make me a Steemit millionaire, but... oh well.

I DO want to iterate that another valid reason for not posting very often, is because I don't want to be one of "those" who post a 2-line fluff piece six times a day. If I post something on Steemit, I want it to be of value. And so, for this reason, I'm sure you'll forgive me for my seeming lack of involvement.

Now to the reason for my post. Having stated my social media habits, imagine my surprise to login to Steemit and find I have 70 followers! I've commented on a few things and liked quite a few more, but I was definitely shocked to find out 70 people chose to follow me. Thank you so much! I can promise I won't be one who annoys you by filling up your feed with junk.

Thanks again!

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One more with me :). Have a great day