Milestone: 900 Followers

2년 전

I’m always the kind of person that likes to celebrate little milestones on Steemit! Normally I would have waited till I hit 1000 followers, but given my absence for awhile, it kind of felt right to celebrate this milestone too! Who knows how long it will take me for that next 100, but I hope not long :).

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Congratulations on this. This is huge!

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  ·  2년 전

Thanks! I appreciate it :).

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Thank you for sharing come and check my blog and upvote my content

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Nice achievement dear.
And With me it's 901. Start towards your next target..
Keep it up ..

Congratulations @snrm. Your way of sharing inspire me. As a new comer to steemit, i think beside of daily commentary posting, such post sharing is also a great idea. I do a milestone sharing too when my follower reach 300.