Campaign to get SBD listed on Binance

3년 전

Please Resteem and get the word out that Steemit Users want SBD (STEEM Dollars) listed on Binance.

Steem SBD6.png

We need @ned to fill out the form

This link requires a Google sign in:

Once Signed In, the following form needs to be filled out:

Resteem this post let everyone know we want SBD listed on Binance!

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Let's do it

Very good news.. I hope that is the best for user steemian in the world.

great your post and i will done upvote
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Thank you. Love the picture.

Today your post best @socky your post resteemed done


Thank you for the support. If Binance will list SBD, that would help the Steemit community

i think you write about a useful topic.....i like it..... Lot of thanks for Sharing this informative and valuable of luck brother....


Thank you. This would benefit all of us. I'm hoping that it will happen soon.


Heads up, that is a bot you are responding to.

Good post Thanks for sharing. I Will upvote and resteem


Thank you for the resteem and support!

Nice info and post...
Thank's for sharing...


Your support is much appreciated!