Campaign to get SBD listed on Binance Oct 3, 2018

2년 전

Please Resteem to let Steemit Inc know that Steemit Users want SBD (STEEM Dollars) listed on Binance.

Steem SBD12.png

It is important because there is no Major Multilingual Exchange that lists SBD

People of all languages need a place to trade their SBD earnings for STEEM and other currencies. Otherwise, the Steemit platform is useless to them if they can use the currency effectively.

We need @ned to fill out the form

This link requires a Google sign in:

Once Signed In, the following form needs to be filled out:

Resteem this post let everyone know we want SBD listed on Binance!

What else can you do? I recommend to go over to @binanceexchange and politely suggest that you want Binance to list SBD. Please let Binance know that it is important to you and the Steemit community.

For a breakdown of how Steemit Rewards system works:

For a breakdown of Steemit Keys:

For a breakdown of why Steem Power is Important:

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Thanks for sharing the info @socky

You got my vote! Why am exchange would carry STEEM but not SBD is a bit goofy.

I generally just use the market to convert to STEEM but why not an exchange for traders?

Great idea.


Thank you. Another thing to consider. That market works OK until the amount is too large. Then the trading volume can't support the exchange. If someone with a large STEEM or SBD transaction comes to the market, they can wipe out all the fairly priced market trades and force the price one way or the other. We need other outlets for SBD/STEEM trading.


Hey wow. I hadn't thought of that. Thanks for the insight!

Totally off topic but out of interest sake. Im always wondering if socks are your favorite item of clothing? If so, are you really dobby from harry potter?

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Haha. I like my socks this way :)