HELP Get the Price of STEEM up over $100!

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Please join us to get STEEM & SBD on as many exchanges as possible.

The number of exchanges that STEEM and SBD are available on are severely deficient. This is hindering Steemit community and forcing the price of STEEM to remain low. I evaluated the price of STEEM at $109 because a majority of the currency is locked up in Steem Power. When comparing the liquid currency and price to other currencies in the top 50, Steem should have a market price of over $100. Why is STEEM so low? It is just not made readily available because it is on very few major exchanges. Help me change that!

Steemit Dollar.png

Below is a list of exchanges that are making other top 50 coins valuable. STEEM and SBD need to be on as many of these exchanges as possible. If anyone has any connections to these exchanges, please do what you can to get STEEM and SBD listed.

ExchangeAffiliated locationsFiatMultilingualTwitter
AbucoinsPoland, Dubai, LondonYesYesTwitter
AEXEnglish and Chinese
B2BXNoEnglish and RussianTwitter
BancorNetworkEnglish OnlyTwitter
BinanceChina, Korea, JapanNoYesTwitter
BisqDecentralized ExchangeNoYesTwitter
BitboxEnglish Only
BitfinexBritish Virgin IslandsYesYesTwitter
BithumbSouth KoreaYesYesTwitter
BitstampUnited Kingdom, USAYesEnglish OnlyTwitter
BTC-AlphaEnglish and RussianTwitter
BTCTradeEnglish and ChineseTwitter
BuyBitcoinEnglish Only
ChaoEXHong KongNoTwitter
CobinhoodCayman IslandsYesYesTwitter
CoinFalconUnited KingdomYesTwitter
CoinoneKorean Only
CoinrailKorean Only
CryptoxUnited KingdomNoTwitter
HitBTCUnited KingdomYesYesTwitter
HuobiSingapore, USA, Japan, Korea, Hong KongYesYesTwitter
KrakenUSA YesTwitter
LATOKENCayman IslandsTwitter
LivecoinUnited KingdomTwitter
MercatoxUnited KingdomTwitter
TidexUnited KingdomNoTwitter
TokenStoreDecentralized ExchangeTwitter
TradeSatoshiUnited KingdomNoTwitter
UpbitSouth KoreaNoNoTwitter

What can you do?

Please fill out the form.

We will focus on one exchange at a time. Next week I will pick another exchange. Here is the link to the request form for Cobinhood exchange. You do NOT need to be an account holder at Cobinhood to fill out the form. I recommend adding both STEEM and SBD to the form.

Follow this link to an article I wrote four days ago. It explains (with pictures) how I filled out the form.

Some info about Cobinhood:

  1. COBINHOOD confirms it will not charge any fees.
  2. COBINHOOD is registered in the Cayman Islands, with offices in each major country to facilitate compliance.
  3. No current regulations in Taiwan about ICOs, but compliance will be imposed if it happens.
  4. COBINHOOD cannot be affected by any China regulations.
  5. Will accept FIAT to crypto, and vice versa, trading. But the ability to execute on FIAT currency is subject to banks being willing to transact with cryptocurrency exchanges in the future.
  6. The long term plan is to migrate to a decentralized platform; until that is achieved, the centralized exchange will coexist with the decentralized, starting Q2 2018.
    I also urge anyone on Steemit or Busy that has an account with any of theses exchanges to put in a support ticket requesting both STEEM and SBD to be listed. If you are on any of the twitter feeds, please voice your desire to have STEEM and SBD listed on the exchanges.

Please join me in this effort. Also remember to Upvote, Resteem, and Follow. Thank you.


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I am living in Poland these days. So I'll take a look at Abucoins and get back to you.


That would be great. Thank you!


Just registered on their platform and would see how it goes

I don't think that getting Steem on more exchanges will automatically increase the Price, especially when it is already listed on the biggest ones, but we might get a few more users and that is the most important thing!


You will want to support when you understand how beneficial it is to get STEEM and SBD listed on exchanges.

Number of major exchanges that list both STEEM and SBD = 2

  • Bittrex
  • Upbit

Both of these exchanges are NOT multilingual. Bittrex is English only and Upbit is Korean only.

Binance is a major exchange that is multilingual, but it only lists STEEM and not SBD. Steemians are getting paid in SBD and can't take the SBD to Binance.

There WERE two other major exchanges (Poloniex and HitBTC) that listed STEEM and SBD. Back when they both had functioning STEEM and SBD wallets, STEEM price got as high as $8. They have since disabled the STEEM and SBD wallets making using the exchange for either STEEM and SBD completely useless. Those wallets have been disabled for about 4 months. I presume that they will never fix the wallets.

Lets put the lack of exchanges concept in perspective. Perhaps you want to buy a new car. You have plenty of Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota, Dodge, Mazda, Volkswagen, Subaru, and Honda dealerships where you live. They speak the same language that you use. However in order to buy a Hyundai, you have to go to another country to buy it and they don't speak your language. There is a high probability that you would not buy a Hyundai.

This is the dilemma with STEEM and SBD. As a currency, if it is not made available everywhere, then people would likely use something else. In comparison to other currencies ranked in the top 50, STEEM and SBD are severely lacking availability.

Other currencies have dedicated teams aggressively convincing exchanges to list their coin. STEEM seems to leave that task up to us.

Please, if you have any spare time, fill out the form. It won't require you to get an account and will help STEEM and SBD if it gets listed.


Getting Binance to list SBD is a good idea. Yeah, for SBD it is a big problem to buy it from the exchange. Cause a lot of people don't have verified accounts on Bittrex or Poloniex.


why not, fresh money always helps..

thanks for the information @socky

I am totally down for this. Whatever it takes, am ready

The currencies of the steemit platform (SBD and STEEM) are more commercialized in South Korea through the won currency (KRW), the SBD / KRW exchange has moved to volume of $ 5,714,940 (90.43%) the last 24hrs, and the exchange STEEM / KRW $ 3,207,100 (52.14%) both on the Upbit platform.