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M imagearketing changes every 10 years, now it's happening much faster because changes are needed to trigger and retain consumer attention. Today it is impossible to protect intellectual property, so we need to know the rules of the game that lead us to victory, in a world of strong competition trends. Everything is about money, everything starts from profit and ends with contracts. There are certain values that never change, and they are the foundation of success in every business. There are modern trends that bring changes such as digital currencies and Steemit, we can also expect the evolution of the same trend. The question is what to do if the changes are frequent, how to avoid big mistakes and keep the credibility of a good businessman. We live in the fastest era of change in human history, we can achieve remarkable results if we know how to do things. We have enough choices to satisfy our needs and to be happy, but we need to provide enough time for our personal desires and freedom of mind.
The right choice brings great wealth.
Looking at new trends, we see digital currencies in the first place. Why is one currency worth more than the other and why one currency has a much higher turnover than other digital currencies? To get an answer to this question, we need to look at why the dollar has the highest turnover in the world. The US dollar is the world's first reserve currency, which means that everything in the world is paid with the dollar. If they gave the possibility that Venezuelan Money would be the main reserve currency in the world, then Venezuela would become the richest country in the world. The value of one currency depends on its use value, more precisely who has the interest to stand behind that currency. Bitcoin is technically outdated, almost all other digital currencies are much better than Bitcoin, but it has become a brand and has strong people behind it. The next detail that makes one digital currency strong is its use value and technical capabilities. Steem is the best digital currency in the world with the fastest blockchain technology and the largest transfer capacity.
His future has enormous potential, now a lot of creative projects such as Steemit,, dlive, etc. are developing on this platform. At this moment we have no competition, but we will soon see it in that I am sure. Each competition brings new moments, so I want to tell you about the rules that will always bring you victory in an excellent selection of projects.
The company with the best management team wins.
Before you become part of a project or before investing money, ask for people who lead the management. Steem has a platform that is just starting to gain a new dimension of marketing and expansion. Steemit is a project that has made a new trend in the already existing digital currency trend. Soon we expect Steemit to make new modifications, to introduce creative changes and other add-ons that will speed up marketing a thousand times. We expect a third digital currency that will allow everyone to implement their coin, it will raise the Steem value to the star. I believe the value of one Steem will be at least $ 100, which means that everyone who is working on Steemit can become very rich. There is no need to look for a better project when I have something very concrete in my hands. The goal is to make better communication and to make more Steem, invest in Steem Power and enjoy my business. Look, Steemit is a project that is open to creative people, everyone can give their maximum potential, which means we have an excellent management team.
The new financial future of the world is determined by digital currencies.
Paper money comes out of fashion, now it's time for us to work without banks. In the beginning, we all believe that digital currencies bring us full freedom, I believe that they bring us total control. Digital currencies and investment in Steem can lead us to financial freedom, but the goal of all digital currencies is to be in total control. When we have paper money, we can pay for who we want and nobody knows it. When we have digital money then we can see who we are sending Steem and how much money we have. I read a few months ago information from @zerOhedge that 40 people control over 40% Bitcoin, it is normal that those who have money control the stock markets and markets. I believe that now over 50% of Bitcoin and other strong digital currencies are in the hands of rich people. It is important to realize that we are on the waves of a new trend, now with small investments, we can become millionaires and financially independent. Steemit gives us the opportunity to become rich with work, this is a fantastic project that leads us to the top of our success.
Knowledge and focus are key to achieving top results.
It's hard to be focused when we have a lot of new information and projects every day. That is why knowledge of predecessors of good decisions when we know the rules of the game, we will choose a project in which we will be dedicated as loyal missionaries. When someone works on multiple projects at once, this means that he is not a good businessman. You can be a digital currency broker, but you can not be a good blogger at 5 sites at the same time. Steemit is a new trend that brings about changes in the world of social networks, it's better to be with a new paradigm than with new projects that are just starting. When I say knowledge then it is important that you have good support, we do it every day at our classes at Steem Schools Be a part of a team that always wins and will never leave you alone.

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