Developing a wordpress plugin to integrate Steem

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Wordpress is popular

We all know WordPress is popular. But you may have no idea how popular it is! WordPress Now Powers 26% of the Web! There are over 500 sites being created on WordPress everyday.

People published more than 660 million posts on in 2015, and made more than 655 million comments.


What Will Happen If Bloggers Can Get Paid By Using Steem?

I cannot imagine. Maybe Steem will became the real decentralized platform for blogging and everything. The Steem Dollar will rise to the moon.

#The Development Started Today
I find the developer on a Chinese freelancer website. It's promising that we will finish this development in weeks.

Facebook, we are coming! Don't be trembling!


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Facebook we are coming!
Awesome post, there is definitely an interesting future ahead.

If you get a chance check out my posts =]


seems the link is missing?

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Great @somebody, bringing value to the community through skills is always welcome. That's why I'm upvoting this post!


I also finished translating the Steem White Paper into Chinese. It will be released tonight 10pm@Beijing time.

Check out Steempress. He is currently asking for community involvement in design. Perhaps something to look into!

This is now a reality. You can now publish your WordPress posts to Steem blockchain for free with this plugin. :)

If every developer got together and focused on this one project for a week and launched it within a month steem probably would be the number one crypto in the world. This same project could then easily be adapted to other things as well. Maybe the blockchain couldn't handle this massive growth overnight? What if they charge a fee for use initially? This would slow down the growth a little but it would still boom I bet. I have read that now steem handles more transactions than bitcoin and ethereum combined already.

I think steem is in an upside down bubble if that makes since...Way undervalued but I bet this is to allow people to get in still before it goes up and then steem really does have the bragging rights in crypto world for making the most millionaires ever at one time in the history of anything.

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