Suggestion to @dan and @ned: ccTLD to distinguish posts in different languages.

4년 전

@dan and @ned
I suggest use ccTLD tags to distinguish post in different languages and filter the country tags from the home page.

For example, #cn for Chinese, #kr for Korean,#jp for Japanese.

As said in my previous post (Chinese are coming), many Chinese are now writing on steemit. Now posts in all languages are putting together. It's messy and annoying.

==For Chinese Steemers==
我建议dan和ned使用国家域名后缀来过滤不同语言的帖子,比如中文的放在 #cn ,韩语的放在 #kr , 日语在 #jp ,并且从Steem首页默认不显示这些国家的标签下的内容。

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or i would suggest even another workaround. it might be better to just offer a drop-down Menu with all the languages, so you can chose your language instead of wasting a TAG for that?


If you choose Chinese from the drop-down menu, how to filter the posts in English?