How to Genuinely Talk To God + A Couple of Important Messages

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I want to preface this post with an apology. A number of you sent me donations that have ultimately been wasted. In my defense, I had been expecting a considerable one that someone told me was on the way, and so I thought it would be best to hold onto the BTC I had already received until the substantial donation arrived and I would be able to pay the rent in its entirety. Either it was a stupid idea, or I was just incredibly unlucky, but I ended up allowing the BTC to lose a significant amount of value before I finally sold it.

This is why I asked everyone to stop sending donations, because I thought I would have everything handled upon receiving the incoming one. It has still not arrived, and now I expect it not to. And after the loss in value, I was barely able to take much of a dent out of the rent anyway, because another month's has been added on since. Now, please do not send any donations now, because it really will not help at this point. All you will do is waste my time having to send them all back. Also, a new demand for 1200 council tax has arrived which I am not going to pay just out of principle. So either way things do not look good.

So, I cannot express how sorry I am. Many of you went out of your way to be generous, and in return, I wasted the donations paying a fraction of the rent that I had no need to, for it seems rather clear at this point that I will be fucking off regardless. I was also working on some completely customized animated banners for a few of you, but I do not believe I have the time to complete any but one of them, so I am going to have offer an alternative means of repayment for the rest of you.

That repayment will come in the form of a very serious tutorial on how to elevate your consciousness and strengthen your connection to the Creator- or Earth, I really do not know what this force is, but I can give you what you need to prove I'm not insane for yourself.

But before I do that, there are a couple of things that I feel to be of the utmost importance, and that I feel compelled to talk briefly about before I move on to whatever's next.

We Need To Learn To Love One Another Right Fucking Now

The refugee crisis is no accident. Neither is the anti-Islamic sentiment that is being propagated by many of the world's most influential speakers and a great deal of what is known as the right or alt right media.

I have recently indulged in debate with a few of these characters who have been spending all their time spreading essentially hate and fear of Islam, and I have found that the defense usually cited for their actions is that the Quran says some evil shit in it about killing non-believers.

It doesn't matter what the Quran says. The Bible and the Talmud are also disgusting books. But all three are also heavily contradictory. They preach both love and hate, perhaps intentionally to confuse the morality of its readers.

If you are going to rally against the evil doctrine of Islam, then you would be better served rallying against the evil doctrines of religion as a whole. By singling out Islam, we are pushing the immigrants into a corner. At the moment, it is a small portion of Muslims that want death to all non-believers. Statistics might tell you otherwise, but statistics are a propaganda tool and cannot be trusted. Learn your information by speaking directly to Muslims, and you will find that most just want to do the right thing and keep their families safe.

But at the moment, so much fear and hatred of Islam is being forced down our throats. The governments are also making very obvious changes to the law to increase crime-rates so it can be blamed on the immigrants.

As an example, here in the UK, Teresa May passes a law to make it illegal for cops to chase criminals on motorbikes or mopeds in case they fall off and hurt theirselves. This is immediately followed by a meteoric explosion in moped crime in London. Now with crime-rates so high, people think the immigrants are to blame, when really it is the government. But by shining a light on any crimes committed by immigrants and paying less attention in the media to other things, they will convince us that the immigrants are directly responsible for the rise in crime-rate and people will become even more fearful and hateful of them.

As I said earlier, the main reason people think they are right about Islam being the enemy is because of words in the Quran. But, such a person would be conflating the values of a book with the values of someone who read that book. But that person may have also read many other books, or they may do in future, books that change their values from that which in the Quran. There are apparently 1.8 billion Muslims. That is a fucking lot of people to be labeling as evil, and it is obviously not true. Most Muslims I have met in my life have been friendly. But, most I meet in future will not be if we continue to make them feel unwelcome, especially when in a lot of cases, they are only here because of the apathy we had towards our government's actions in their countries.

Someone actually said to me yesterday that war between the black hats and the white hats is coming, so I had better hurry up and make sure I am on the right side. Of course this person was referring to Islam as the black hats, and genuinely believed that he was wearing a white hat while calling out for the death of others that he had not even met.

If we continue to isolate ourselves from one another, it will lead to anarcho-capitalism in many countries. Whether that be a response to a civil war, which results in many cultures all having their own private mini-governments within each of these countries, or whether it will just be a vote that takes us there, I don't know. But, anarcho-capitalism is not what many on here believe. It is simply, there are no rules unless you pay someone to make and enforce them- and there will be plenty willing to enforce them because they will have families to feed. I see this ending up with a completely divided set of nations, with territories that all have different laws, some which may include paedophilia and slavery.

I also believe that during this time a great many poor people who cannot afford security will die, and that this is another part of the agenda- to depopulate the Earth but to have it be the people who did it, not the government, so that afterwards, when the Global Union offers us a way out, we will know that government works best and we will accept.

Now, I didn't want to get too conspiracy theoristish.. even though I really do believe I am close to the mark on this agenda. So if that sounds too crazy to you, just forget all of it and think about what will happen if a war breaks out between immigrants and locals in these countries. The rest i will leave to your imagination.

Anti-Islamic and anti-immigrant propaganda is leading to this end. There is only one way to stop it from my perspective, and that is to go out in your local community, speak to the Muslims, speak of your worries about the growing division among the community, and try and come to some common ground.

If the diverse communities around the world can find a reason to care for one another, even if it is only out of a desire to preserve all our cultures, then we will not have the civil war they are trying to so desperately to push upon us.

I ask that you seriously think about what you're doing if you ever find yourself writing or reblogging a post that is about how dangerous Islam is. All you are doing is making your own people afraid of them, and making Muslims feel unwelcome in the countries they were forced to move to.

All we have to do is go out there and start sowing seeds of community. Perhaps then, if a community spirit can be established, then conversation with Islamic leaders may very well ensure that people follow the good messages in the Quran rather than the negative ones.

I think many in the West are under this false belief that because we have a government, things could never get too bad. I on the other hand believe that the first world and third world are about to switch positions, and so these countries are certainly liable to fall into serious shit. I am going to do my best to sow some seeds of community here in Glasgow, I would strongly suggest that you do too, for if you are a divided community when the economy goes boom, or some other event happens that sets things in motion, then you will have to fight and kill for territory to protect your people. But if we can make everyone that lives in our country our people, and if we can remind ourselves why they're even here, then when the world goes to shit, we will care enough about our community as a whole to avoid going to war for territory, and instead we will simply seek to look out for one another.

Steemit is not an accurate representation of reality

Everywhere I have ever gone in my life, I have been very popular and very well liked. I always had multiple social groups because people who did not like one another, all still liked me, and I tended to like everyone.

On Steemit, however, I am a nobody with nothing to say worth listening to. But that's not because I have changed and I am not still the type of person who people admire. I may have shut myself away from the world somewhat, but I still have to go out in the world every day with my dog multiple times, and I still feel the same appreciation I always did when conversing with strangers.

I have not changed. Not me, just my perspective. So why am I no longer someone worth listening to, or voting for? It is because I don't have SP, and because I do not enter any of these unspoken circle-jerks.

I do not say this to complain. There would be entirely no point anyway because I'll be gone when this post is complete. I say this so that you will not blindly follow the opinions of high SP accounts purely because their post is trending. I suspect that very soon there will be an influential Steemian on here spreading hatred and fear of Islam. Perhaps they are already here, I haven't looked in a while.

But I realise that the whole point of this type of system is to silence people like me, and to elevate the voices of people who will do anything for money, so that is what everyone else will learn. This has the power to shape so many opinions for the worst, and so I literally fucking beg you to think about whether the person whose post you are reading or liking is really a valuable perspective, or a harmful one, and I ask you to start using your votes on people who at least try to do some good here and there, and promote positive messages not hateful or damaging ones.

Steemit is not an accurate representation of reality, but it will be soon if you do not learn to see it for what it is.

How to talk to God

You will forgive me for taking so long to arrive at this point, but I can't really express how important those things seem to me. Now in regards to how to speak to God, it is actually both very simple and very fucking difficult. But before I tell you, I need to first warn you, because this is actually a very dangerous thing for you and for the ones you love.

It was over a year ago I first communicated with God, and since then I have thrown not only my own life, but the lives of my family into disarray attempting to hold onto that connection. This is because I have discovered that the true path to what certainly seems like ascension, is moral discipline.

I discovered this completely by accident, simply through trying my best to do the right thing. I broke life down into a series of choices, where there is only one right choice, and one wrong choice, in perpetuity. By repeatedly making what you honestly believe to be the right choice, you will grow closer and closer to something that feels like God, but in truth I do not know for sure what it is. When you have done the right thing long enough, you will be rewarded with an elevated level of consciousness that allows you to see synchronicity everywhere, to see obvious signs and interpret them very clearly, have your vision appear far brighter and colours seem to be alive, and, if I am not crazy, to see the future/past or glimpses of another life you have lived. Beyond all of that you get a feeling that is simply indescribable, and that nothing in this world could possibly compare to- and I believe I am in a good position to make such a claim, because I did a hell of a lot of hard drugs in my teens, so I have felt some pretty special shit.

However, once life forces you to make a choice that you know to be wrong, typically for the well-being of another in your life, in my case very often my dog; the connection is instantly severed and it can take months of moral discipline to get it back. The danger in this lies in what one must do, and what one must sacrifice in order to do the right thing.

You will no doubt find that it is incredibly difficult to make money without betraying your morals, unless you already have some- for then it is easy. But, if you are living day to day, then doing the right thing all the time is what gets you into a lot of debt, and a lot of problems. And in my case, it led to many problems for my family too, because they put their self into shitty positions to ensure that I did not die through trying to do the right thing.

What I am offering is a very strong spiritual connection that transcends the material, and ultimately feels like the very point of life if I am to be completely honest. It seems to me like to experience that, is what we're all here for, and I wish I could have taken it further to see where that path ends. Alas, the further down the road you go, and the more your material life falls into ruin, it becomes more difficult to see what the right choice is, or at least to admit it to yourself.

Doing the right thing is sometimes as easy as not trying to get the last word. But other times it is as difficult as saying no to something that you know will vastly improve the quality of life for you and the ones you love.

I should also mention that a strong connection to this force is incredibly rare, or it was for me at least. In the last year, I have probably had less than 24 hours of what I have dubbed "godmode." Where I can see how everything is connected and understand signs from the universe to me. Each of these occasions, which were only a few hours each, brought me insight that left me with investigations that lasted months, and are still ongoing.

Beneath Godmode, however, when you are still making mostly right choices, you will not have the major abilities I spoke of before. But, you still get signs, and have other spiritual experiences. But, those signs are often difficult to interpret in that state, and the spiritual experiences are often up for debate. But when in God mode, there is no doubt, everything is crystal clear.

So if you are going to attempt this, you need to be prepared for your life to fall apart, and if you have many people that you love, you could be putting theirs at risk too. For me, moral discipline took me to a place where I actually realised that eating vegetables is immoral. For you have to murder the entire plant in order to harvest it, whereas with fruit, you can simply take it and the plant lives on to provide more. I have come to look at plants as the neural networks of the earth. It is the world's intelligence, and we are destroying it, and our connection to nature with it.

Now, I should say, I eat vegetables now. And because I cannot afford to eat solely vegetables, and I was getting incredibly thin, I have also returned to eating dairy in small quantities. Though, I am unable to eat meat again still. Though for me it is no longer morality that prevents me eating meat. I know, given all the nutrients I have been missing, that a meal of meat would do me very good. But, it's just got to a point where the very idea of putting a dead body in my mouth makes me feel very sick.

I am getting off the point. What I am trying to say to you is that your path is not mine. My thinking led me to feel this way, but yours need not. As long as you are honest with yourself about what you truly believe to be right and wrong, I am confident you will experience what I did. You only need the human experience and self-reflection, and of course honesty, to know what is right and what is wrong.

I am putting moral discipline to the side now. It is not that I want to, but that I've arrived at a place where making the right choice is all but impossible. I cannot keep doing the right thing if it hurts my family. Because that cannot be the right thing. So at the moment, I do not know what is, and so rather than wasting my time trying to figure it out while shit continues to get worse, I am going to return to doing what I must to get back into a position where I can afford to try and be extremely moral again.

But I will get on that path again as soon as I feel I can do so without risking the lives of others, and at that point, I very much hope to see some of you on that path with me.

Goodbye, my friends family.

Also, another important thing before I go- and this observation was most definitely helped by my elevated states of consciousness;

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This post deserves much more than it has received. I agree with you on many levels, especially on that connection that is so so hard to maintain.

I am not willing to subject myself to the place you suggested, but if you have not sold your account yet, dibs!


I do not blame you. Unfortunately, it seems that society has been designed in such a way to minimize the opportunity for one to practice moral discipline; for it is simply impossible to survive while doing it in perpetuity.

In the comment I have now deleted, I was actually meaning give my account away for free to someone in a third world country who might be able to repost the content and make some money for their selves. But, if you are offering to buy my account then I would most certainly prefer that, for all in all honesty, it would greatly help the lives of numerous people, including of course my own.

It would also include the rights to every piece of content that I have ever created on here. Except for one series named, "How the Devil introduced me to God," because that is quite personal and I intend to finish it and turn it into a book.

Do you have a account or somewhere we can talk?


I found it, and already emailed you.


hello done, a knight. I am a fan of you. I saw you generously with people and i admire that. I hope that when you see this, you can leave a comment here or on my post. God bless you


My email address
Is in your wallet. You will
Need your memo key.

                 - done

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


@done I also look forward to receiving your generosity. Our country is really poor and I'm struggling with my studies .How do I get the support from you ?


@done how generous are you: O


@son-of-satire Will you leave us and go? @done will probably do well the legacy that you leave. God bless your life

It's looking like you're really leaving us this time isn't it? I can't believe you are talking of selling your account again. I do understand that you have to do what you think is needed to get yourself and loved ones out of a bad situation. But even if someone buys your account, everyone that follows you and keeps up to date with what's going on with you, knows it's not YOU. So even though I don't want to ruin a sale here for you, son-of-satire held by someone else is just never the same. Coming back to your post: I agree that this division game has been too long ongoing and is getting worse. And not just against Islam (although this might be the largest group) but nearly everything in life. White hate black, black hates white. Black lives matter. All lives matter. Love both. Man, this hate is spinning out of control. So yes, something needs to be done to stop it. We can only change things by starting with ourselves. We can't force others to join, but leading by example has always been a good way to change other people's perspective. You made a great point, about the vegetables...I had never thought of it that way. And there was me, apologizing to my vegetables and thanking them before I cut them...I am re-thinking the whole idea now. And regarding eating meat. When I was a child, I didn't like meat. I didn't want to eat it. My parents made me try everything even when I detested it. And now I am convinced that the more meat someone eats, the less someone cares about the animal. It's like any other addiction really. Desensitising. I see it like this: the more meat one consumes, the larger the reptilian brain grows...I've always been wildly attracted by the whole fruitarian idea, but I just never saw myself eating only fruit and no seeds or nuts. But if I think of it the way you do, then seeds and nuts would be OK, since the plant will grow on to produce more. Something to think about and something I might slowly move into. I've always loved fruit more than anything, so that wouldn't be an issue. Your words gave me a lot to think about, but it also made me sad a little. I really, genuinely hope that we can stay in touch as I still believe there is a reason why we connected in the first place. Much love to you my brother, wherever this may take you. ❤️️


In the same way no one using the account of son-of-satire who isn't him would ever be him- any new account made by him, would be ;) And if he does get into a new account- I will prop it up with mine.

You actually made me tear up. Maybe there is only a small percentage of real people in the world, maybe most others are just extras. (A theory I've heard recently) Maybe what separates us from them is empathy. I don't know. But I do know that I've been blessed with how many empathizing, real people I've met on this journey. Son of Satire, obviously. Miss Las vegas, also obviously ;)


And @dreemit obviously :) You're right though about those accounts... Another account would be perfectly fine :) It's just that the name has kinda grown on me, but then again: it's just a name. It doesn't define the person. After all: I have never been a real Miss Las Vegas lol, quite the opposite ;)

From one of those disgusting books you mentioned (whose sole purpose is to confound the ignorant and free the wise):

Ecclesiastes 1:17-18 King James Version (KJV)
17 And I gave my heart to know wisdom, and to know madness and folly: I perceived that this also is vexation of spirit.

18 For in much wisdom is much grief: and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow.

But, brother, there must be an end to the suffering, or there is no point in it.

Try to get your head around this: belief is a poor substitute for knowledge, and knowledge is a poor substitute for knowing, and knowing is not the same as to know. Finally, if you struggle long and hard enough you will come to a place where all is laid bare and you gno; you will have nothing more to say except- NO.

Those who gno don't say, and those who say don't gno.

I can SEE where you are in the maze. You have come from ignorance, which is bliss, but you have not found your way to gnoing yet, which is 10,000 times bliss. You are in the middle, where there in no-thing except suffering.

I have been through that maze. I have suffered. I no longer suffer.

Search for the singular truth. That is, one truth. There are not many truths as your prior training has taught you to believe, but only one truth. Facts are not the truth- they can have 'alternative facts'. Proof is not the truth- proofs can be disproven. Evidence is not the truth- evidence can be tampered with. That alone should give you a focal point to light the way.

In the meantime, while you are in the maze- there was some duty you took on before you ever arrived here. Try to remember that duty, and then become obsessed with completing it.

That is why you have experienced what you call 'Godmode', and what I call 'being awake'.

You are being awakened not to improve nor to DESTROY your relative position in the construct, but instead to execute some role you must play and complete some duty you must perform. Stop the self imposed suffering and get busy.

That is the real debt.

There is no group to assemble. There is no call to action of other people. The contract, the burden is for you alone. Complete the contract and then you may rest and enjoy the ride. Never to be in ignorance, or in the middle again, but to be blissfully enlightened and amused instead.

I gno, I have been right where you are now.

And, one more thing.

Has it occured to you yet that Steemit is the platform for you to simply document the steps that you take to go from becoming aware that you have a duty to creation to you finally completing it?

How did you discover Steemit and its immutable blockchain? When did you discover it? Why did you discover it?

And, have you ever noticed how records are kept for everything? Records that before now might have been tampered with?

Something to think about as you find your way through the labyrinth:


I think my main problem was that I was unsure what my "contract" is. But after what happened yesterday, it seems very clear to me now.

You will see that I was already thinking along these lines of yours for some time now. I also wrote this post not too long ago,, where I tried to answer the questions you just asked for myself.

I'm not so convinced I will get peace when I finish what I now believe the contract to be, however. And in truth, I am not sure that peace is even something I want anymore. It is change that I desire more than anything. Change for the better, within both myself and the world.

But then again, I see no reason why I could not soon develop the ability to be both at peace with myself and at war with my enemies. Let's hope that is the way it turns out.

It seems that I missed half of this, and I really don't know you well, just for a few weeks, but the only thing I think is useful and I think it can help you through the difficult moments of life, and believe me I know what I'm talking about when I tell you, you should never give in to those values that you think are the right ones to get a benefit, the end does not justify the means, and it is not the destination more important than the road, you can take shortcuts and cut the corners to get where you want to go, but only to realize that the important thing is not to arrive but how you do it.

I don't know if you would find it meaning to my words, and in fact, I don't know if they are in accordance with what you live, as I said, I missed half of this, but I hope they can help you.

I'm just giving you two small recommendations, this ... and this. I hope they are useful to you.



The first post you shared, of your own, really resonates with me. I too believe this to be the true definition of strength, and I believe it a type of strength that I possess.

The second post, the short story, speaks to a philosophy that I have tried my best to adhere to during tough times. I will confess that it became more difficult recently, but funnily enough, the very day I recognize the strength within myself to handle whatever come next, someone offers to buy my account. Certainly seems like providence from where I am sitting.

Thanks for your comment.

Farewell & take care of yourself, your family and financial matters. You don't have to carry the world on your shoulders.

I do hope that you will get the problems you are facing sorted out soon.

At the end of the day, building bridges is much better than building walls, especially when it comes to Steemit, but also in everyday to day life.

I am glad to see that you have such a good connection to god. I am afraid that I can't say the same to me. Usually because while I do not have a problem talking to god, he rarely if ever responds. Talking about building bridges and walls, am I right?


My problems are now sorted. Well, my monetary ones at least. Are you so sure God does not speak to you? I have come to believe that the signs are always there. It is only when you are in Godmode that you cannot miss them and they are easily translatable.

When you are not on that level of consciousness, but are close to it. You may see a ton of signs but you doubt yourself, and start thinking you are going nuts. But as you get closer to the Creator, and reach the state I mentioned, it becomes very clear that you're not, and often in the most profound fashion.

This account will not be mine very soon, so if you ever want to talk you shall have to get me on at the same name, or look out for me on the "fantasy" tag from about two weeks from now.


I will be here for you should you want to return.

I fully understand what you are saying regards to the agenda to demonize Muslims, whilst the government lets them in and also bombs their home countries, the god bit I did not read.
The former part about not being able to pay the rent bothers me much, you know what I offered before, it still stands.
Now lets get you out of this mess, I am on discord, do you?.


My friend, I do not know if I told you this, for it seems more likely that I was talking about you behind your back. But, the first time I ever seen a comment from you, I got a feeling that is unfortunately quite rare for me to get on Steemit. I thought you to be genuine straight away, and felt that you were one of the good ones on here.

You continue to reaffirm this feeling, and I thank you for it.

However, when I asked for help, I was hoping for people to send small amounts that were insignificant to them. What you offered, and are now reoffering, is more of a sacrifice than I am willing to have someone make for me. But the offer is genuinely heart-warming, for lack of a less corny descriptor.

Someone has offered to buy my account and the content on it, so at the moment, oddly enough considering how I felt when I wrote this post, it seems like things are going to be okay.

However, I would still like to add you on discord, simply because I admire you and believe that, if I do not have to sell my PC, we could put our minds and our passion for helping others together to achieve something that matters. If you are interested in doing that, and if you promise not to try and talk me into your offer, then add me and we can talk soon.



You legend you, You can find me on discord under the same name as here, I would gladly work with you, no problem at all.
I am also very happy it will all work out well for you now.


A name is not enough. Need a 4 digit code too..

Acabo de conocerte y deseo darte unas palabras. Dios es absolutamente real, todo existe por El y para El, ciertamente seguirlo a veces es muy duro y esa es la prueba de fe y fidelidad que todos pasamos en esta vida. Sin embargo, recuerda que El es fiel a quienes lo buscan de todo corazón y jamás pedirá que te apartes de su camino para seguir otra vía. Resiste y búscalo aún más, Pido que te guíe y guarde a toda tu familia en el nombre de Jesús. Un abrazo