What is steemit, what is D.Tube, and what is Block Chain?


As you know, these days many people are talking about Steemit, and D.Tube around.
So let's find out what is this cool thing?
And how does it works?

What is Steemit
- Steemit is based on a Crypto Currency called STEEM
- Post your blog posts, interact with other's posts and earn STEEM
- You'll be paid by both creating and curating (Like, and comments)
- Or Basically, it is a community that you block on (Mostly about CryptoCurrencies)
- The most you interact, the most you earn

What is D.Tube
- Is just an application or interface which interact with steemit
- We can say, it's steemit block chain
- You should sign up for steemit or steemit connect account in order to use D-Tube
- The videos you post on D-Tube, Comments and likes will be showing up on both D-Tube and Steemit
- The videos aren't stored in the blockchain, they are stored in the IPFS (a type of torrent)
- Just the references are stored in the block-chain
- In D.Tube you will earn Cryptocurrency rewards
- Completely Open Source
- Use proper Snap pic (Thumbnail)

What is Block-Chain?
- A chain of blocks which contains information
- A decentralized data center which belongs to no one.
- Each block has Data, Hash, and Previous hash
- Uses P2P Network
- Most Famous Block Chain is BitCoin

Let's learn from each other more and more.
Comment below, and let's do the conversation about...

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