Gorgeous Silver Steemit Rounds

2년 전

I just received a pair of gorgeous silver Steemit coins from Papa-Pepper,

Didn't know how to thank him, so I thought I'd do it here!

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That was a great gesture @papa-pepper!

@papa-pepper. His a cool guy. (Oops I'm judging him again).


Who are you to judge? LOL - Thanks @konelectric

Hey @stan it's GREAT to see you! You look better than ever.
Maybe we should be calling you Lazarus!

You said "steemit coins" -- are you sure they aren't "steem" coins?


LOL! "STEEM Silver Rounds" is what we call them on the street.


I thought you had managed to get off the street, Papa :-)


LOL - Yeah, but I ain't out of the woods yet!

@stan, These are really shining and for sure it's an great view to watch the Shining Steem Logo. And your expressions are reflecting your happiness towards these Silver Coins. Stay blessed. 🙂

Very cool. I need to get some of those rounds.

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The silver coins look awesome. I got the first edition with the fish but I missed out on the second edition.

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