🌉Can We Bridge The Gap🌉?

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 I see a lot of people on Steemit afraid to give up-votes on comments & post. Being as though I'm new to Steemit maybe someone can help me understand what is this all about. Now, I am not afraid to write about what I am thinking or what I feel. I was informed to stay away from this type of topic as it may offend some people. However, honestly I think this topic can only educate others as well as myself. I am a woman who isn't afraid of controversial topics. 


Plus, my mom always taught me if you don't know ask. Hopefully I am not offending anyone, I mean let's be honest for the most part we are all adults. I wold love for some of my fellow Steemit members to way in on this debate/topic. 


Again, I am very new to Steemit & I love how people help one another. I also love that I'm not censored & I am able to write about almost everything or anything that's on my mind. This is a place where a true writer can be free to do their thing. Now, what I do on a daily basis is make sure I write one post a day, at least I try & I show love to good content & great comments that interest me. 


Now I was born a giver, maybe that is the reason I am not rich yet because I am one of those people who will give you the coat off my back in zero below weather & I believe I have inherited this trait from my mom. Never the less let's way in on this topic/debate as the Steemit family we are & have some fun picking each others brains. 

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