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In our first training session of the Steem Education Initiative we made a pledge to reward our students for their efforts.

In this regard, we have started "Post of the Day" promotion. Everyday we will select a post submitted by students of SEI in our Discord channel and reward that post with upvotes.

As a student of SEI, you guys should find this opportunity to utilize your maximum potential and put more effort into your content. We know that our students are still in the early stages of their education and have not yet developed the strongest skills in writing and formatting but if they spend a lot of time working on grammar, punctuation and proper sourcing techniques they will improve quickly! At the beginning of this journey rewards may be very much but given time and more exposure the SEI and Steem community will find a way to increase their support of quality content written by the SEI community.

Rules for "Post of the Day Promotion"

We would like to request that Steemit community members make a sincere and honest effort to support the Steem Education Initiative (SEI) and further extend their support to our students who are in desperate need of your encouragement. One single act of kindness per day in the form of an upvote can do a lot to uplift the lives of many deserving and talented individuals.

Please take a minute to join the SEI discord channel:

The SEI is a joint project led by @cryptokraze, @techblogger and @princessmewmew

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How to be the member of SEI...


Join our Discord Channel for further information


Thats good

steemit is really awesome

This is a great idea. Empowering the community through education. I hope SEI covers Africa as well.


The discord channel is for everyone. Check link above. It is so educative and helpful.

Hi @steemeducate! If you could send us links to some of these posts then we will gladly support these students. We are currently able to vote about 40 posts per day with a decent upvote. We have curie backup so we won't be offended if you post some of these posts for promotion in our promotion channel on discord. Please read out latest post to see which type of posts we support. This fits in very well with our criteria. Here is our latest post so that you can share this with your students. The steemiteducation account is for curation purposes and is run by the owners @hanshotfirst and @giantbear.