SEI Trainings Update | 2nd Training Session on Making Posts Better

4년 전

After the first session in which students were told to make an account on Steemit, a second training session was organized to train the students about making their posts better. This post is a quick update and summary of our second training session

In the second training session, the following points were covered to train our students;

  • Starting a Post
  • Sections needed in a good post
  • Categories to choose for posting
  • Basic Formatting Tools
  • Useful Resources for Creating a Post
  • How to use to improve writing quality.
  • Do's and Dont's with regards to interaction within the Steemit Community
  • Better Posts = Better Rewards

For more information about the detailed events of our training sessions, please review the comprehensive write-up published on the @cryptokraze blog:

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