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Thanks to our great advertising partner, BuySellAds, we are happy to announce a new self-serve portal for advertising on Anyone who wants to purchase ad space on can now do so in minutes by going to where they can select scheduling, placement, and impression options for their ads.

We still need to approve these ads, but we will do so as quickly as possible.

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@steemitblog Rewards

As we disclosed in our last post, now that it is so easy to set beneficiaries on posts, we will be accepting rewards on @steemitblog posts, but setting the beneficiary as @null. This will enable our posts to Trend in a more organic way that reflects how stakeholders feel about our announcements, without enriching us financially. Instead, all of the author rewards will be burned.

The Steemit Team

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As we disclosed in our last post, now that it is so easy to set beneficiaries on posts, we will be accepting rewards on @steemitblog posts, but setting the beneficiary as @null.

Very good decision!

Jokes on you for not accepting steem as payment


Is that true?
Not accepting steem?


I didn't see an option to pay in crypto?


I didn't click through far enough to check for myself.
I'll have to make an ad, just to see.


And then people will hate on them for cashing out in Steem again =D


Could burn the steem. Or make a low key spot for steem and burn or forward to DAO


But the advertisement money is what they use to pay the salaries of the devs =D
If they don't have that, then they have to powerdown and sell steem instead

Would be interesting to see how many views a top trending post on Steemit gets and compare the cost of trending for 2-3 days (via bots and burn) with the cost of equal impressions received from a steemit ad.
Whats the click through rate for a top trending post and the click through for a steem ad.

Would be interesting to see how those values compare.

Interesting, you should add this long time ago! Anyway now it's here and hope this might be the thing that STEEMIT will generate a good income today onward!



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Am I the only one that are more excited about the fact they burn steem instead of declining it? The more burn the better

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This is a much better approach. Turns a one-time value deferral into a more lasting one.

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The self-serve domain and UI could be a good foundation for a future Native Ads implementation. : )

It would be nice if the UI showed a beneficiaries list at the bottom of the post.


They are displayed, just click on the payout amount (unless I misunderstood your suggestion) 🙂


Yep, just thought it would be a decent way of advertising the beneficiaries without the extra click and in time it would save everyone having to mention that they are setting a beneficiary at all.

This will surely make Steemit more sustainable and add value to Steem and SBD for a prolonged future...

Advertising to support Steemit directly is much better than paying for trending using bid bots. Glad this exists and hope you get business to keep up your work and avoid overselling your stake.

Bitpanda should be listing STEEM ASAP


As in they are or you hope they are?


I dream on congruency

Burning the post rewards is a good decision :)

Some awesome developments are trailing thank you for putting in much efforts to build steem.

The two points raised in this blog are amazing to build steem in the nearest future.

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Thank you for doing this. Great news!
Keep up the good work.