Adding images in comments

4년 전

You can add images to your comments in the same way as you do in posts. This option was not present earlier but has been added some time ago. I don't remember when exactly.


I had not observed this myself and came across this some time ago. Give it a try and add an image in the comment you leave.

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Thanks for the tip, here's a pic of my breakfast. My most recent pic on my phone.

What's yours?

[Saigon breakfast]


Saigon that soup? Does the dish have any meat or is it mostly vegetables? Just curious.


Curiosity is to be encouraged, we are not cats ;)

This is Pho noodles in chicken broth, with some chicken thigh meat. There are spring onions and a few other leaves on top and lots of bean sprouts.

You then add chili, salt and lemon to your preference.

Wow. Great option. Let me try it.2816c700-d65b-47f1-8550-30112452fa28.jpeg

Always useful!