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Are you a starting Steemian?

Are you a so called “REDFISH“?

Aren’t you a so called “MINNOW” ?

G R E A T !!!

We need you, are you up for free help while you do the blogging work? We want you to comment under this blog so we get to know you and can invite you to the steemterminal for extra information about our REDFISHRALLY in Discord STEEMTERMINAL.

It’s free and we have great contest, help rooms and translate bots to help out, and it’s totally free !

Thank you for stopping by, its highly appreciated.


       I N V I T A T I O N :


If you want to learn more about either of these projects, please visit: @heyhaveyamet or @steemterminal

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Should I say I am a proof lol....but hey guys steem terminal is a place to be....don't know what I'd have done without @steemterminal, cheers fam!! 🤗😘😘

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Redfish is a Steemian with less than 500 natural SP
Minnow is a Steemian with 500 + SP
The next level up is a Dolphin with 5,000 SP

Simple information such as this is accessible in the Steem Terminal for anyone who wants to learn. There are all kinds of tips and tricks I have learned and others who have even been here for quite a while have admitted that they've learned.

The Redfish Rally helps in a process somewhat like "learn and earn", and also gives some challenges sometimes to help even more. More writing and SP assistance with a dash of competition.

Thanks for helping out the Little Ones @steemterminal!!

Steem Terminal was and still is part of my Steem journey. It provided me a second home to help me get from redfish to minnow. I found the Redfish Rally to be very helpful in motivating me to be productive on Steem. It certainly helped me a lot in growing my account. Plus, I get to learn new stuff along the way. Steem Terminal founders, staff, and crew have all been very helpful in providing guidance and assistance on all my questions about the blockchain and discord. I encourage you all to join and be active on Steem Terminal. ^_^

Great all get in the steemterminal for the help it’s so much fun

I love already united and super excited with the activities that support @steemterminal

There is a great work commitment, competitions no matter the language, all enter

Join Steem Terminal. Here you will receive education about Steemit, tips and you will be able to make good friends. We are waiting for you. Unete a Steem Terminal. Aquí recibirás educación acerca de Steemit, consejos y podrás hacer buenos amigos. Te estamos esperando.

New Arrivals what a wonderful helping hand to help you along in Steem life.

Now is the best time to build your account! The SteemTerminal folks are awesome and more than happy to help!

Redfish or Minnow - I don't know. But starting steemian, that I am. Thank you for the invite 🌱


You, my dear, are a Redfish. You should join up with Steem Terminal in Discord. They can help get you.



Cool! Thank you @rubberduckiemom (I love your name!) 🌱

Hi There!
My name is Les, and I enjoy creating digital images, either the photos themselves - or through manipulation (editing).
I also "from time to time" do post on phylosophical topics as well, depending My feeling at the time.
I have been in the Steem bockchain, a little less than 110 days and have become convinced & committed!
Actually I wish to thank "Steem" for being here!
I am Very Grateful & Thankful to have found a notch in society such as this - and with "unbelievable potential"!
I am So Happy To Be Here!


Head on over to Steem Terminal in Discord and see how we can help you.


I still am learning tips from @steemterminal!

I'm a novice on steemit.
When I asked some advice to some people who are quite famous on the blockchain

  • @janton
  • davidke20
    they asked me to contact you and am happy to do so now hoping that soon you will help me


In the comments your name write please 😉

Thank you for the invitation and this great initiative. Here I am, friends, reading and learning. Best regards.