A good "INFLUENCER" on Social Media with 5,000 followers could earn over $25.43 per post..!!

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Credit: mashable

This is a great article.


Credit: mashable

[Quote] "INFLUENCER with more than 1 million followers can expect to earn between £5,000 ($6,104) and £20,000 ($24,406) per post".

Based on a USER having say 1.2 million followers and the minimum reward  this equates to approx $6,104/1.2million = $0.0050866 per follower per post for a Good INFLUENCER to aim for.

Extracting this reward a Good INFLUENCER with a great reputation for a quality blog should aim to earn the following for their post.

Followers / $-follower / Post Reward

100               x $0.0050866        = $0.51

200              x $0.0050866       = $1.02

300              x $0.0050866       = $1.53

400              x $0.0050866       = $2.03

500              x $0.0050866       = $2.54

1,000          x $0.0050866        = $5.09

2,000         x $0.0050866        = $10.17

5,000         x $0.0050866        = $25.43

10,000       x $0.0050866        = $50.87

20,000       x $0.0050866       = $101.73

50,000       x $0.0050866       = $254.33

100,000     x $0.0050866      = $508.66

200,000 x $0.0050866      = $1,017.32

500,000 x $0.0050866      = $2,543.30

1,000,000    x $0.0050866  = $5,086.60

1,200,000    x $0.0050866  = $6,104.00

As STEEMIT evolves these are the sort of rewards that quality bloggers should be aiming for.

It's all about QUALITY CONTENT and the blogger finding a subject(s) they can write about that is not only accurate but of interest to their followers.

STEEMIT is set to light up Global Social Media and it is great to be be part of it as it evolves.

Thanks for reading.


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That's interesting and motivating info!


Thanks I appreciate the comment. I wanted to set out something for new users to STEEMIT that they are not going to make $millions on their first post. It takes followers and a reputation to earn the big bucks. $5 a post per 1,000 followers as a rule of thumb..!! Thanks again for the support. Stephen

So mainstream social networking is moving slowly to a Steemit-like model. Interesting...


Thanks for the support I appreciate it. Following. Stephen

As for massive number of followers, Kim K loves to show her tits and ass always. Not every one can show that well.